A pope for the World Day of Missions over the “I” part, and that is closed to the “I” is growing, and renewed by the gift of one’s self


The mission of the Church in the output” is not an objective attainable by an effort of the will. Christ is the one who will make you come out of the Church, in and of itself. The mission is to preach the Gospel, move you, because the holy Spirit compels us and drives”

Vatican city,

On this Solemnity of Pentecost, Pope Francis released his message for World mission Day, which is celebrated on the 18th of October, from the year 2020, based on a passage in Isaiah “Here am I, send me” (Is 6: 8). Here’s the full text:

My dear brothers and sisters!

I wish to express my gratitude to God for his engagement in October last year, has been given in the Month of Extraordinary Missionary in the Church. I am convinced that this has helped to encourage the conversion of a missionary in many communities in the path you indicated in the subject of “the Baptized, and sent to: the Church of jesus Christ in mission to the world.”

This year, marked by trials, tribulations, and challenges posed by the pandemic on the covid-19, this mission of the Church continues, in the light of the word that we find in the account of the call of the prophet Isaiah:Here am I, send me“(Is 6, 8). This is the answer, which is always new, to the Lord’s question “Whom shall I send?” (Ibid.). This call came from out of the heart of God, of his mercy, that challenged both the Church and want to humanity in the current world crisis.

“Like the disciples in the Gospel, we were surprised to learn that a storm is at hand and furibunda. It dawned on us to be in the same boat, all weak and confused, but at the same time, which is important and needed: a set of all the so-called pull it together, everyone needing to for mutual encouragement. And on this boat we are all in. Just as the disciples of jesus who, speaking with one voice, to say to the grieving “we are going to perish.” (cf. Mc 4, 38), so that we, too, in the sense that we are not able to continue the road, each one of which on its own, but we can only do together,” (san Francisco, Prayer in st Peter’s Square, 27/VII/2020).

We are genuinely frightened, confused, and afraid. The suffering and death cause us to experience our human weakness, but at the same time, we recognize the participants a strong desire to be in life, and for deliverance from the evil one. In this context, the call to mission is the call to come out of himself, out of love for God and neighbor, appears as an opportunity to share, help, and intercession. The mission that God has entrusted to each and every one is of the “I” part, and that is closed to the “I” is growing, and renewed by the gift of one’s self.

The sacrifice of the cross, where it carries out the mission of Jesus christ (cf. Jo 19, 28-30), God reveals that his love is for each and every one of them (cf. Jo 19, 26 and 27). And he’s asking us for our personal readiness to be sent, for He is Love, eternal movement, from the mission, and is always on the output of Itself to give life. For the sake of men, that God the Father sent the Son, Jesus christ (cf. Jo 3, 16). Jesus is the Missionary of the Father, his Person and his work are, in their entirety, in obedience to the will of god the Father (cf. Jo 4, 34; 6, 38; 8, 12-30; And … To 10, 5 to 10). In turn, Jesus, the crucified and risen for us, in his movement of love draws us by his Spirit, who gives life to the Church, to make disciples of Christ, and sends us in mission to the world and to the nations.

The mission of the Church in the output” is not an objective attainable by an effort of the will. Christ is the one who will make you come out of the Church, in and of itself. The mission is to preach the Gospel, move you, because the holy Spirit compels us and leads it” (san Francisco, Without It, nothing can be done, By 2019, 16 and 17). God is always the one to love and care for us, and this love comes to us and draws us in. Our vocation comes from the fact that we are the sons and daughters of God in the Church, their family, their brothers and sisters, that the love which Jesus has experienced it. But, they all have human dignity, that is founded on god’s calling to be children of God, to be the priest in the sacrament of Baptism, and in the freedom of faith, the things that have always been at the very heart of God.

Already, the fact that you have received a free of charge life is an implicit invitation to enter into the dynamic of the gift of himself, a seed, that is, in baptism, and you will win a way to mature as a result of the love in the marriage and the virginity for the Kingdom of God. A human life is born from the love of God, grow in love and tends towards love. No one is excluded from the love of God, and the holy ghost, the sacrifice of his Son Jesus christ on the cross, God defeated sin and death (cf. Rom 8, 31-39). For God, for the evil – the sin – is what makes it a challenge to love one another, and loving each time more and more (cf. Mt 5, 38-48; Lc 23, 33-34). For this reason, in the Paschal Mystery of the divine mercy heals the wound, the primordial of humanity, and I will pour it out upon the universe as a whole. The Church, the universal sacrament of God’s love for the world, is drawn into the story of the life of Jesus, and send it to us everywhere, all the time, so that through our witness of the faith and of the preaching of the Gospel, God continues to manifest his love, and to be able to touch and transform the hearts, minds, bodies, societies and cultures across time and place.

The mission is a response of free and informed choice, to the calling of God. But to call this just can’t feel it, when we live in a personal relationship of love with Jesus, alive in his Church. We need to ask ourselves: are we ready to accept the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to listen to the call to mission, both in the way of the lord, whether in consecrated virginity, or the priesthood of the ordained, and, in any case, in the ordinary life of every day. We are ready to be sent to any place for the purpose of witnessing to our faith in God, the Father of mercies, and proclaim the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ, and to share in the divine life of the Holy Spirit in building up the Church. Like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, are we willing to stand unreservedly at the service of the will of God (cf. Lc 1, 38)? This is the interior it is very important to be able to respond to God, “here am I, Lord; send me” (cf. Is 6, 8). And it is answered not in the abstract, but in the world of today in the Church and in the history.

An understanding of what is God saying to us in these times of pandemic, it becomes a challenge to the mission of the Church. It challenges us with the disease, the suffering, the fear, the isolation. Challenges in the poverty of those who die alone, who is left to himself, the one who lost his job, and the wages of those who do not have a shelter and food. Bound on the physical distance and remains in the house, we are invited to re-discover what you need from the relationships and also the respect of the community and with God. Far from increasing the distrust, and the coldness, it was supposed to make us more aware of the way we relate to each other. And, in prayer, in which God touches and moves our hearts, it opens us to the needs for love, dignity, and the freedom of our brothers and sisters, as well as how to care for all of creation. The inability to come together as a Church family to celebrate the Eucharist with us to share in the condition of many of the christian communities, who may not celebrate the Mass every Sunday. In this context, we are led back to the question of God, “whom shall I send?” and it waits, for us, to be generous, and confident, “Here am I, send me.” (Is 6, 8). God is looking for people to send out to the world and to the nations, to bear witness to his love, and his salvation from sin and death, his deliverance from the evil one (cf. Mt 9, 35-38; Lc 10, 1-11).

To celebrate the World Day of Missions, it also means to re-iterate that the prayer, reflection and the aid of your offers is the opportunity to participate actively in the mission of Jesus and of his Church. The charity which was manifested in the collection of the celebration of the liturgy of the third Sunday of October, has the objective to support the missionary work carried out in my name for the Pontifical Mission societies, who attend to the spiritual and material needs of the people, and the Churches of the whole world, for the salvation of all.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of Evangelization, and the Comforter of the Afflicted, who is a missionary of his Son, Jesus, to continue to care for us and intercede for us.

Rome, St. John Lateran basilica, on the Solemnity of Pentecost, may 31, 2020.