After the fight with Anitta, Sam Day out of the PACKET and compares it to ” Taylor Swift: “I Needed to be reborn”


Taylor Swift
The american singer Taylor Swift (PHOTO: Playback)

One of the leading gossip columnist of the celebrities in the country, the journalist Leo’s Day has announced that they will be working with a new web portal from the month of June. After the passages of the latest vehicles of communication, such as TV Fame, Fofocalizando and the portal UOL, Leo Days, will take up a column in the portal to Metropolis, where he also intends to continue working on the Radio in Cities 104,1 FM every day, from 8: 30 am, at The Head of the News service.

Here’s a look at the announcement made by the journalist about the new venture:

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With the departure of the journalist from the web portal UOL, one of the world’s largest producers of digital content for the Brazilian and Latin American comes to the surface after a loud friction between the Leo to-Day, and his biografada Anitta, who went on to gain a work is not authorized, in writing, by a journalist, titled “the Hurricane Anitta, launched in 2019 at the latest.

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Shortly after the announcement of its venture into a new business, for Leo, the Days went so far as to compare it with the Taylor Swift’s of the social networks, saying that her career is made up of a wedge and a pop singer, and that it will be reborn as a pop singer in north america.

The clip in question is quoted in Leo’s Day it’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” released in the fall of 2017, and marks the beginning of the Hook from Taylor Swift. In general, the clip of the song, and the lyrics of the track are a reference to those who have already tried to “ruin” the picture of Taylor Swift through the years. On the counter-attack from Taylor, with the new clip-it included attacks on the media, and it also had references to the main disputes in the season, with Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

All the evidence suggests that Very Day, and Anitta had a long-standing partnership interest in the last few years, after you have finished loudly breaking the bonds. The two famous ones have decided to “not be renewed” after the coming into friction, then the mother of the singer, now lives in a suburb in rio de janeiro. Thus, according to the Leo Days. Already, in the version presented by Anitta was confirmed by his mother, and the mother continues to be living in a new apartment, bought recently, for the Powerful, and it is located in Barra da Tijuca.

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