Amancio Ortega: How much money you earn, the founder of the Zara for a minute? Life


Amancio Ortega it is one of the richest men in Europe. The multi-billionaire who has created the Zara and was the founder of the group Inditexa company that holds many brands in the world, according to the journal Forbesthe sixth richest man in the world. However, it is the title of a man more the rich of the planet he was on 2016when the Spanish executive broke down the multi-million dollar north american Bill Gates And The Gates Foundation. Today Ortega already 84 years old, and with a long history in the world of fashion, it has with a net worth of 59,4 million dollars. A fortune coveted by many, and that in a way draws the attention of the curious.

The founder of Zara, only away with a wealth of 1 trillion euros in the year 2033. More about how to achieve the same amount of money that is Jezz Bezosthat you should be able to already 2026. But the it’s not that lucrative, the Spanish won by the minute to achieve this value, a bang?

The second magazine, Forbes, Amancio Ortegaas a rule, you win more of the 400-million-a-year. If we take into account this value, we can check the multi-million dollar wins more than $ 1 million for the diaou to be 761 dollars per minute.

According to the british newspaper The Telegraphin 2016, when the Spanish executive took in the second place, the list of the wealthiest people in the world, it used to be to achieve a fortune such as Ortega the spaniards, with an average salary of work during the about two million years ago.

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For the sake of a pandemic, the current of the shares of the company’s they went down in the past, some of 2,28%. For this reason, the the values awarded multi-million dollar-per-minute could suffering a solid state change, such as the net asset value. However, by the end of 2020, the new coronavirus is not going to certainly be get Amancio Ortega is on the list of more people in the world.