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The band and the state CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT, it is beginning to appear on the scene in rio grande do sul, with a brand new single on the digital platforms, featuring a new line-up and are already announcing the release of an EP in the coming months. Traffic in the Alternative, Metal and Post-Hardcore band, formed in Porto Alegre in the second half of 2018 at the latest, by Jorge Martins (guitars) and Cesar Trajano (drums). In the search for a lead singer to make a “Army of Me”, the singer Bjork, with the intention of attracting musicians who are interested in developing a work is copyrighted the more on an experimental basis. With the release of “Army of Me” is released by the end of 2019 across all digital platforms, giving you the idea of the north, where the band would head on their neck.

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The hearings will pick Julio Castro, who goes on to take over the lead vocals for the CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT, presenting its international premiere on the 26th of march, with the release of the single “Time Decoder”. In the course of its four minutes, the band seeks to express its inception. During the process of recording the single, the band’s bass player, James Pugens is a part of the group, being the soon to be replaced by Miguel Machado, a member of the Amber. We talked to Julio to find out what are the next steps for the group, even in the face of a pandemic that has afflicted the world, and later the work of hundreds of bands.

In the CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT is already called to attention by her name, very far from the “clichĂ©s” of Metal, and that is also reflected in the way it sounds. The first thing I did when I first saw the band join the song, and the theme of Fear Factory, featuring the song “Self Bias Resistor”. How did you come up with that idea for a name.

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Julio Castro: We wanted to take the opportunity to test out different things, with no outside interference. If you said you would do, e, do, without worrying about external evaluation. It is the environment of a controlled trial.

The sound of a CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT that comprises a number of sounds, moving between Alternative Metal and Post-Hardcore. Being a trio, it’s easier to manage the influences on, and throw it all in a blender the sound to get to sound perfect?

To advertise for the bands and the concert for the Rock and Heavy Metal music

Julio Castro: No, for us it’s more complicated. If you identify yourself with a gender-specific, you already know where to go, you already know what you want to display. You never know how a song is going to be.

As a complement to the above, it should also be added, in this case, an influence of the coming of the Melodic Metal such as Angra dos reis. Although such an effect will not be noticeable in the sound, it ends up being part of your world. And what’s more you could find in a playlist with your days?

Julio Castro: Thanks to our guitar player (George North) and I ended up getting to know many new groups and some of which I just finished listening to the little, and not giving them so much attention that it deserved, and that maybe it would go unnoticed by me, and in a short time to listen to me, won, and a great influence today, such as the TesseracT, Soen, Tool, the Reckoning, the Hour, and so on! In the matter of the tapes, I found out, and I ended up loving the will of a Ghost, Falling In Reverse, Tierramystica, Sonic, Noturnall! It varies a lot of the time too!!! There are times when I like to go on Spotify and listen to the Mayhem-and the times that I listen to Bebe Rexha! Regardless of the style, and if I like it I will add it into my Playlist with no problems.

Listen to the first single, “Time Decoder” on Youtube:

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In Rio Grande do Sul is known especially for the scene is that of the Metal Extreme, particularly focusing on the Death and Black Metal, with some opening up to other styles. In the CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT, following a line diametrically opposed to everything. In what way do you want to stand out from these niches? There is a concern about it, or stop it all rolling of course?

Julio Castro: We get on well with it, death metal is part of our training, and the fine-tuning that we employ is full of the influence of the Heartwork’s Carcass, a part of the result. But I agree that it really does not sound or close to those genres.

Prior to the release of his first official single, the band recorded a version of it to “Army of Me”, the singer Bjork, with the aim of getting the musicians to the project, which culminated in the entry. I do know that prior to the CONTROLLED TEST ENVIRONMENT, you will lead a tribute to the Seven as the lead singer. Prior to that, what were your musical experiences?

Julio Castro: Unfortunately, or fortunately, Controlled it with my first, I Hope that this is the only band of the copyright! Some of the songs that we are composing are the lyrics to 100% my own. It’s a big challenge, which I was very grateful to the guys for giving me the freedom to sing what I think when I write! I’ve always had projects and bands to cover songs such as Ghost, Iron Maiden and Joy Division, which I ended up dropping by the dream of being in a band is copyrighted!

With the release of the single “Time Decoder” was timed to coincide precisely with the onset of the crisis, from a pandemic here in the Rio Grande do Sul. What does this have interfered with the plans of the band at the time, and how you have dealt with the situation at the moment?

Julio Castro: We rethought it a lot, if it would be okay, but we have had an amazing comeback from Army Of Me, when we first launched on the digital platform. We were realizing that we could lose the heating and the attention that we were getting, we ended up throwing. But with the release of the EP, he was at a disadvantage, but we have been working very hard on it, and the final recordings are not expected to occur.

During the process of recording the single, the band added to the line-up, the band’s bass player, James Pugens, who, as soon as it has been made official, he left for the station. In the meantime, the band is already making the entry, and Miguel Machado, a member of the Amber. As it happened in this case? Michael will be a part only of the recording of the EP, or just that it’s all normal, it will be part of the line-up for the shows?

Julio Castro: James is focusing on the family at the moment, we respect that and we wish the best for him. Michael we found for You on how to do it, in addition to a great performance by the musician, and the sound of the bass it’s the one that we were looking for. We’ve made the call, and he agreed to take part in the EP, but we don’t know about the future. Michael has professional aspirations that you can take it out of the state.

With the show postponed, the band has been in the lives, and a way to stay integrated with your target audience. Do you agree with their lives, and where all members of the committee have met several times at the same place, or do you think something reckless in a time where social isolation has been shown to be the most effective weapon against the COVID-19?

Julio Castro: It is a sensitive case. Saw Katatonia and charging your $ 10 for your account. This is a band that has invested time and money into the new album, you may depend upon it. It is hard to judge at this time.

In spite of the pandemic, what do you have planned for the next few months. There is a chance to have hands on the new stuff?

Julio Castro: With the release of the EP, he was at a disadvantage, we are working on it, but the recordings and the end is not expected to occur. Maybe at the end of the year, it’s all that safe.

In the end, as has been the case in the adaptation of the members in the light of this crisis that has befallen the world? What all of this has affected you personally, and what lessons we can draw from all this?

Julio Castro: At the moment, the main concern is survival, and they all come out well, and that in addition to the threat of the disease still have to deal with “inefficient”. Unfortunately, not everyone in the band can stay in the house, it’s a tense situation because being in a band, we’re a family. And it’s about the lessons learned, I think, that it’s not over yet according to the findings, going on to teach much of anything as of yet.

Listen to the first single, “Time Decoder” on Spotify:…