Are you Henry Cavill? Fans will point to the worst Superman of all time

The character is one of the heroes of the most iconic of the comic book. The DC-to adapt it to the different media outlets, including the TV and in the movies.

With a history spanning several decades, different actors have had the chance to live like Clark Kent. However, fans of DC will know the answer when you are asked what is the worst about his family.

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In social media, the fans, point out that Dean Cain is the worst Superman of all. For users, the version of Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve is much better than that.

Dean Cain was Clark Kent in the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, aired from 1993 to 1997. Even though the production was highly praised, he really was not able to please you.

In the eyes of the fans, Dean Cain has not spent any of the brilliance of Clark Kent. In addition, the statements of the actor, the outside of the paper also did not help.

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Oddly enough, the one that made it to the fan lead on the versions of Superman, it was a reminder of the controversial remarks of Dean Cain. The a-list actor, for example, have been caught sharing a fake news about policy.

Because of attitudes like this, fans of Superman have done a lot of the criticisms of the actor. Some of them even fail to acknowledge that Dean Cain has already been Clark Kent for a day.

Dean Cain is a generation of the ‘Superman’? I’m the Reeve for Clark kent and lois lane, step by step, Brandon Routh, and then I’m going to Henry Cavill,” said one fan.

“There is a world of Bizzaro Superman, and now, here’s the m**** * * * from the Earth, sam and Dean Cain,” said another.

“If you please, you will never put on the cover, Dean Cain,” he asked, still a surfer.

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“Dean, no it’s Henry Cavill, I’m sure, compared to a what do you think of the release of Henry Cavill’s best.

For other fans, Christopher Reeve is considered to be simple and definite. In fact, the hero of the artist is the favorite of many.

(Dean Cain, out of the worst of the Superman, you are no longer using it on the skin. Anyone who continues in the role is Henry Cavill, who will return to make appearances in movies, on the DC, the studio will still decide on what colour.

The character is still not expected to be back in the theaters.