Ariana Grande, the Halsey, and Tinashe goes through quarantine, to protest against the violent death of


ariana grande
The american singer Ariana Grande (PHOTO: Playback)

There’s less than a week, in Minnesota, the citizen of the united states, George Floyd, died a violent death after being arrested by the police. The time of his arrest, he was recorded on video and the incident caused a national concern.

In the video, it was just viralizando on the web, the world have caused protests in the country, with tens of thousands of us citizens, if revolting, and it’s going to the streets to protest against an act of police brutality against minorities.

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Dozens of singers have spoken about this, it Was Eilish, and Taylor Swift, have attacked Donald Trump, the promotion of racism during his time in office, and others, like Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, and many, many more have talked about it through their social networks.

Other artists took their activism to the next level, and decided to break the quarantine, the protection of the COVID-19, and going out to protest in the streets, along with all the anonymous citizens to demand justice, and to make their demands heard.

Among these artists are Ariana Grande, which, after the release of his single, “Rain on me” and Lady Gaga used social media to support the cause; for the artist, it was more of the citizens of the us, which came out last may 30 in the streets of Los Angeles to protest with tens of thousands of people. Ariana Grande took pictures with fans during the protest.

Halsey also took to the streets on the side of the YUNGBLUD to seek justice. The members of 5 Seconds Of Summer, Ashton Irwin, and Luke Hemmings were out of school. Mel Martinez, Lauren Jauregui, Tinashe, Machine Gun Kelly, J. Cole, Madison Beer, and Ross Lynch are not left behind, and, with the banners, took to the streets of their towns and cities.

The situation in the United States has increased over the past few days, a number of videos of police brutality, and school officials have become viral on social media and this has raised a revolt on the part of the people.

In a controversial case that has caused national concern in the U.S., as a rule, George, Floyd, was killed by a police officer in Minnesota, I will never forget Chauvin, after a police officer, you push with your knee on his neck. A video from a mobile phone, shows the officer, who is white, by holding the Band for a few minutes while the Band complains that it can’t breathe. The band died a short time later at a local hospital.

Check out the fierce video of the arrest of the Band: