Cameron Boyce: the Fans pay tribute to the actor on the day that he would do a birthday – 28/05/2020

Cameron Boyce would have been 21 years old today, and has gained many honors from fans on their social networks. The actor, who passed away last year after a seizure and he became one of the biggest stars on the Disney Channel, and his legacy is still remembered.

In social networks, fans of both national and international have left words of love for him.

Some even did the honors and prepared, and left no texts, kindly, in memory of the actor. “You have left footprints for us to follow. I never in my life would I want it to say ‘rest in peace’ to someone who I’ve kept in my heart for such a long time,” said one fan.

“Cameron, I miss you, I miss it a lot out of you. I know that you have never met, and never met him personally, but he knew that she knew. You were such a joy, a light in the world,” said the other.

Your own Disney Channel is used for the day to pay tribute to the actor, recalling the most important moments he’s had in the production of the channel.

The fans spoke, also like Cameron, has been present in his childhood, as he did a lot of work in the public child and juvenile.


Cameron Boyce began at an early age in the arts scene. At age 8, he appeared in such films as “the Mirror of Fear” and “Control”. He has also made appearances on such series as “General Hospital,” and a clip of the band Panic! At the disco. In the film, he has also shared scenes with Adam Sandler in the movie “it”.

But it was on the Disney Channel, the actor was elevated to superstar status, and he has participated in productions such as “Good Luck Charlie” and “In Rhythm” until you win a main character on the series “Jessie”.

In 2015, he has been cast in the film, “the Descendants,” which has become a real phenomenon in the channel, and has won two of the sequences. Cameron-wrote the third film in the series before his death. The film, “the Descendants 3”, was a tribute to him.