Chris Pratt turns into Indiana Jones in the video deepfake custom-made by a fan; to watch

Actor Chris Pratt has become the Indiana Jones, a character in the story of the same name, which is in the video deepfake (watch it below) was created by the fans. In the video, the face of Harrison Ford, the actor who plays Indiana Jones, it’s changed the face of Pratt. At the scene, about 2 minutes, it shows the different scenes of the saga, and that it is well-known in the world.

The video uses a technique which superimposes on the faces, where the faces of the actors to the official the movies that are being changed by the other. The people who are responsible for the issue and explained that, in order to recreate the scene on the cover of Pratt’s, it was necessary to create a “facial profile”, with more than 5,000 photos of the actor.

“”Chris Pratt would be a perfect candidate for a remake of ‘Indiana Jones’, don’t you think? By taking a picture of Chris Pratt in more movies, we have managed to build up a profile of the facial contains the 5,000 pictures of him. Then, by using the technology deepfakewe can transfer your design to the Harrison and Ford, and create an image that is completely new that has never been seen before.”

“Indiana Jones 5” has had its premiere, originally scheduled for the 29th of July, in the year 2022, more than one year from the date listed above. The change was due to a pandemic of a new coronavirus affecting the motion picture industry.

Ford still confirmed for the fifth film in the project, that is, in the course of the four films that were released between 1981 and 2008, it raised US$ 1,98 billion (approximately$ 11 million).

Check out the video deepfake in the face of Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones: