Coronavirus is Camila Cabello’s appeal to young fans: ‘We need fathers and the grandparents’

Camila Cabello and left a message to younger fans that may help you contain a brand new coronavirus, and, consequently, to protect their loved ones, old and frail. The singer also revealed that he was suffering from “severe anxiety” in the past, but the habit of meditation is helpful in managing times of stress and to be a better person for it.

“We’re in this together, and we can’t be oblivious to the risks. We are all responsible for doing our best to keep you all safe. To have empathy with each other can make all the difference during difficult times like this. We must not think that we will not be affected because you are young and healthy. We are parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors, and we don’t want to be a part of the problem. Especially when you can be a part of the solution,” he wrote.

The acts of “empathy” referred to by The authorities, and other celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, and even I include to stay at home to carry out work remotely when possible to avoid agglomerations and to take care of the hygiene (experts to ask that the hands be washed frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds). Such measures are likely to reduce the rate of transmission of the disease, covid-19, and is linked to the new coronavirus.

The posting on Instagram a photo of A meditating: “to Meditate is not only to help me in times of stress and anxiety as it helps me to practise habits such as empathy, compassion and love. It makes me feel more connected with everything around me such as animals, plants, the planet, and that it is a living thing unto itself. In times such as these, it is important that we, the young, the healthy, do out of compassion for those who suffer”.

“Meditation has changed my life for the past few months. I have shared this with you at the time because, to be honest, I was just trying to be good, but I’ve been living with severe anxiety. Practice this meditation every day, several times a day, has helped me heal, helped me to control my strong emotions, such as anxiety and stress, and it has made me to be a human, the better,” he said to her.