Covid-19. Take the short drive to the Comic Con in Sacramento to see a movie on the big screen


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It has been announced as an “event that is accessible and safe, made with the thinking of the people, for their well-being and happiness, full of experiences and special moments”. “The Drive-in-Comic Con Portugal-Sessions will be held at the Municipal Garden of Oeiras, from the 1st to the 7th of June, from 20: 00. The entrance is free of charge, but we ask the public to please make a reservation in advance. After that you just need to get to and to park the car in order to see the movie on the big screen.

To book your place, says the organization is required to fill out the form, selecting for the day, and provide you with the information requested, including the license plate of the car that you will be going to the cannes film festival.

“Parking spaces shall comply with the safety distance, so that each vehicle is far away from the rest,” according to the organization, which says that the confirmation of a place will come to you by e-mail and sms, you will need to present upon arrival at the Municipal Garden of Oeiras.

On the bill each night will be a different movie, to see it from the car. It should arrive by 20: 00 to the space, and then the movie will begin by 21: 30. The festival is for all ages begins on the World Day of the Child in the film, “My Spy”, ” Peter Segal.

On Tuesday, the 2nd of June, you may be able to see the latest film from Quentin Tarantino, “it Was a once in a… Hollywood, with Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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On Wednesday, you’ll be able to watch the film in south korea, “Parasites”, and with that Bong Joon-ho has won the 2020 Award for the best film, best director, best international film and best original screenplay.

Day 4-on the poster for the horror film “It,” and 2″. Then on the 5th and 6th of June, there will be a session of the doubles. Friday at 21: 30 you can watch the “La La Land” by Damien Chazelle, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and at 00: 30 the film “Brightburn: the Son of The Evil one.”

On Saturday, it’s another double session provides a presentation of the film “Spider-Man: Away-from-Home” and “John Wick is 3″. The end of the event, you will be presented with the After,” from Her to Gage, united states in north american, based on the novel of the same name, aimed at a younger audience.

Watch a movie on the big screen, without getting out of the car, it’s just a proposal of the Drive-In, Comic-Con, which will give you the best of the enclosure for a frequency to tune into and listen to on your car radio, to the sound of the movie. The inside of the car, just might be that the number of people corresponding to the capacity of each car, that indicates for the organization.