Forbes takes the title of the billion dollar Kylie Jenner, and accused him of lying in order to get it – Small Business is Big Business


For the entrepreneur, and the empowering of: Kylie Jenner (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

For the entrepreneur, and the empowering of: Kylie Jenner (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

By 2019, the business and empowering the american Kylie Jenner drew (more) attention to the world by being elected as the youngest billion dollar in the world. The information that was given to you by the Forbesone of the most prestigious business publications in the world. Now, a new analysis of its business led to the withdrawal of the information. Apparently, the fortunes of a family member O I never reached$ 1 billion.

The research was detailed in an article published by Forbes magazine on Friday (march 29). The text claims that Kylie Jenner has been lying about the results of the company for the cosmetic Case with Cosmetics, in order to be raised to the position of a billion dollar. It also says that the reports are filed by it at the time, “probably”, have been falsified.

The conclusion reached after the analysis of the documents that were made public following the sale of 51% of his company to a group of beauty, Coty, in November, 2019 at the latest. According to them, the revenue per Case for the 12 months prior to the agreement amounted to US$ 177 million, an amount far below that which was published at the time.

Another other has to do with the outcome of the trade mark in 2019. “Responsible and said that the sales have increased by 40 per cent compared to the year 2018, which means that the business generated just a US$ 125 million for that year, or close to$ 360 million, which Jenner took to Acting, to believe,” he says with a stretch.

The products in the Case with Cosmetics (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The products in the Case with Cosmetics: the control of the brand, has been sold for US$ 600 million. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

On the basis of the new information, the reporters have estimated that the personal wealth of Kylie Jenner, that is, in fact, just under the$ 900 billion – and that’s a large part of that has to come from the$ 340 million he had pocketed, net of taxes, when you sell the greater part of his business. They have also estimated that, in addition to be worth less than that, she led the magazine to conclude, at the time, the company is worth less to us today than ever before due to the economic effects of the coronaviruses.

“The lengths of the unusual by which one of the Jenners, they were ready to go, including to invite you to an industry, to their mansions, and the offices of the CPA, and to create a tax that is likely to have been forged, reveals just how some of the ultra-rich, they are desperate to appear to even the most simple things, the full text.

In response to the allegations, Kylie Jenner wrote, in his a Twitter accountall they see are the “statements to be inaccurate and unwarranted assumptions”. He also said that I never asked for any information and to not lie in order to get it, and that the charges are “the last thing they are worried about right now.”