George Band: Lady Gaga criticized Trump’s, and said that the white population ‘had Not done enough to tackle racism’

RIO de janeiro — THE american singer Lady Gaga has released a rant in your account of Instagram, this week, claiming to be “angry” with another case of racism in the United States: George Floyd, a black man who was choked to death by a white policeman. In the text, and she criticized the president for Donald Trump, who called him a racist, and called for increased solidarity and justice.

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“I don’t want to contribute to more violence, but rather with a solution to this. I am so outraged at the death of George’s Career and with the death of a lot of other black people,” wrote the singer. “This is not justice. It is a tragedy that has defined our country for a long time.”

At the time of publication, the singer said, “the voices of the black community being silent for a long time, and this is proven in a number of cases of death of these people, regardless of their protests. She is critical of the actions of the leaders as a Trump in tackling the issue.

“He’s (Trump’s) review to the office of the most powerful in the world, and even then it is not able to provide anything more than ignorance and prejudice, and while the lives of black people are not taken. We know that he is a fool and a racist, since he took over. He is feeding a system that already has a racism rooted in the” highly critical of Her. All of the people in America are racist. It is a fact.”

The singer has also made a critique of the “community of the privileged”, which it is. According to Her, the people have not done enough to combat racism.

“We need to show our love for the black community. As a white woman and may be legally privileged, and I make a promise to these requirements. We did not, as a community privileged to be enough to stop the racism and get to the side of the people who are being killed for it.”

George’s Career, the 46-year-old was shot dead on Monday after he was choked by a police officer in Minneapolis. The actor, who later was arrested and convicted of murder in the third degree, he remained kneeling on the floor in your neck of the Band for about 10 minutes, while the man is said to be having trouble breathing. The other three officers involved in the episode have also been described. The case has generated a wave of protests in the United States.