Gunna reveal cover artwork and tracklist of the new album, featuring Travis Scott, Lil, Baby, Roddy Ricch and more

Finally Gunna share the tracklist and the cover of his new album, “Wunna”.

The fans are Gunna look forward to hearing their new album, the Wunna, and after a series of teasers to what the artist has done. The song is in full release now, releasing the album’s title track at the beginning of the week, with the album arriving on Friday, the 22nd of may.

As we get closer to the release of the album, he also released a portion of his documentary on the Amazon, where it’s showing you the life of the project, which took place during the holidays (or perhaps a working holiday in Jamaica. Today, he follows that up with the revelation of the cover art and track listing for his album. “I’ve worked so much on this album that I really, really want you to enjoy it,” he wrote on the side of the display.

The song brings a few of his friends to appear in all 18 songs on the project. Young Thug, Lil Baby and Nechie, any affiliate of the YSL’s, they will make an appearance, with Thugger showing up twice. In addition to this, he has feats for Travis Scott and Roddy Ricch on the same page. The art of the back cover does not list the artist in the spotlight, in fact it includes both the producer and the sound engineers, it’s amazing. The production was named Jessie, Mike, Will, Boost, Tay Keith, among others.

Maybe that’s what makes this release even more exciting than usual is the fact that, in the list of the songs, and only two have been released, so there is a lot of novelty of a Gunna, for absorbing on a Friday. Check out the cover art and track list below.