In this tutorial, Kylie Jenner, what’s more to waste on little girl, Stormi, and Kim Kardashian takes away fun from the brand, to the younger sister after the ‘crash’: “M;*east cheap,”


Nothing like most of the tutorials for tons of fun as Kylie Jenner does with her sisters on their Youtube channel. This Tuesday (may 21), the entrepreneur has released a video putting on make-up Kim Kardashian as the two were answering questions that Twitter users have made in their lives.

A good interaction with your family, they won’t let the video pass by without a little trash to one another, including a moment in which the sister took away fun from the brand name of a cosmetic Case!

Everything is rolled down when the youngest son of Kris Jenner has said that she wanted to take a lit at the corner of his eye of her. Kylie then picked up her spray fixative to wet the brush and highlight with the glitter. However, when I try to use the product, the spray is not espirrava on the net.

“That’s new”tried to justify the Case while pressing in on him several times. “Why aren’t you working?”, asked her to be frustrated. It was at this point that Kardashian has decided to play with her sister. “Spend much cheaper”, needled her, chuckling. Luckily, the mist has returned to work shortly thereafter.

Kim and Kylie had a good time with a spray that didn’t work (Photo: Playback/Youtube)

Later on, the lady in the Case with Cosmetics was able to exact his revenge upon boot-up without any want to the one of the lashes from her. “I’m going to keep it as a souvenir”kicked a youtuber. “You’re quite the hater”complained to Kim. The mother-of-Stormi decided to try and make amends… or at least that was what a Kardashian was.

“We’re going to make a claim on him.”said Kylie, taking a finger up to his sister. At the time that they were going to make a wish together, in the meantime, Jenner took the eyelash away. “I’m kidding, I’m going to save it”, “she said. At this point, Kim has revealed in the request as well smart ass, that I wanted to do.

“What’s that? I just wanted to ask you to pass it on to Instagram to the new one. Now my desire will not be fulfilled”he lamented the business, which has 157 million followers in social networks, just one million less than her sister.

Nothing in order for Kim Kardashian! (Photo: Play/Youtube)

Also in the video, the two talk about their children. “Everything has to be planned for. I am a very organized manner. I think that is the key to success is to be organized. It’s hard, you have a lot of work, but it is possible.”he commented to Kim about how to create the four children.

The wife of Kanye West and asked if the sister would like to give more to the brothers, to Stormi. “For me, I’m sure having four kids, I just don’t know when,”, she said. “I don’t have a timeline for it. I don’t know if it’s going to be tomorrow or in seven years.” For seven years, to four children, before she is quick! lol

Then, the two have commented on what they liked the most about his daughters-one from the other. “I love it when the Stormi said ” yes.” It is very light and fluffy. I also love that I can always bribe her if you say that you are a troll, or a Beta coming,”joked to Kim about the characters in the drawing, a favourite of her niece.

When you talk about Chicago, though, Has lamented that ” one of the things that make them frustrated with the little girl was the fact she didn’t like it too much to the camera. “The thing I love about Chicago is that she loves to take pictures, and Stormi, it’s not. Stormi says to me, ‘No, mommy, no pictures’. And Chicago, asks me: ‘can We take a picture? ” and she posed. I get: ‘do You want me to take a picture of it? You’re too cute!’”said to be the muse.

In the end, the Images recalled, as the presenter, the Jay Leno show, and the singer Pharrel Williams for the help with the name of the first, the North-West. “It took me about a week to give me the name of the North. Not in a week, for about four or five days.”recalled to her.

“In fact, I got the idea from Jay Leno, who has talked about it as a joke. At the time, and I was like, ‘I’m not going to call my daughter, the way it is.’ I also said during the program. But by then, everyone came up to me afterwards saying that it was really cool, and so is the Pharrell talks about the meaning of the name [e decidimos]in the world. “They are (for the kids) you really have become the name that you give to them, said mr. Kim.

Super cute! Now we are also not able to think of little ones with other names on it, right? Watch the video for the Kylie and Kim, as below: