Inspired by the Lady Gaga, she is reported gordofobia, and often ex – this 31/05/2020

The são paulo de Assis, Amanda Tiemann, 26, has always been fat. He suffered bullying at school because of their weight, but it does say that it never bothered them or did you seek any assistance for weight loss. “In high school, we got in groups and we learn and we create shields. The level of emotional involvement is not even close to an abusive relationship,” she says.

He was at peace with himself. Up to date a person, who is, among other things, he said, “had no more attraction, “I was desanimadíssimo” and that he “hates fat people”.

Even so, the relationship lasted for a couple of years ago — long enough to make Her start to believe that everything that ever happened in her life, it was because of the weight, and that her boyfriend was in the right. She took it in the year 2015, after discovering infidelity, including with his former best friend.

“It was a lot of abuse in a relationship is just that. This is why so much time for me to regain my psychological,” she says.

Until now, the actress, and she had the courage to tell them what had happened to him, and inspired by the new album from Lady Gaga, who brings in references to the power of the feminine.

On her Twitter account, She has made a lot of posts saying that it’s always been big, until you’ve slimmed down a lot. My weight loss was the natural, perhaps with the regulation of hormones. I was working and studying a lot,” she said to the Universa.

It was at this time, while slim, she has started a relationship, and it was going to be okay until I get to put on weight and suffer from gordofobia. The former has started to insist that she come back to your previous weight.

“No, it’s the person that is always worried about you, and she’s talking about that’s why I love them. And a person tries at all costs to convince you that she is only talking to you to lose weight for your own good,” writes Amanda, in order to show the prints of the conversation between the two of them.

The messages that are exchanged, as can be seen, the man compares Her to the other people that were in the diet, suggesting that she has the copy. And also the critical for spending lots of money.

“You can get an idea of how much of the gordofobia, along with, often, are the acts of violence are so naturalized that it is a man, if he feels the right to talk to a woman?”, she questions him.

Because of the stigma, She says that went on to associate all that went wrong in her life, to her weight. “If only I were skinny, this was not the case,” she thought. She says that she went into hiding in the clothes to make him look skinny, and it didn’t show on the arms. And that he would go for days without eating, trying to lose weight.

Today, she is professional and tells you that you’re in a healthy relationship with someone who supports you. The Universashe said that you had the courage to talk to you about this, it is only now, after the process of a “slow and painful”. And that Lady Gaga was her inspiration.

“I’ve been in the process of growth and understanding of my body, developing my self-esteem. I have friends and a boyfriend that always gave me strength, and you are looking for to help me see the beauty of the place, many times the trauma has not left me see them,” she says.

“I have a very strong connection with the arts, and especially music. And the Lady put out their first album right now [em 29 de maio] and in the song she says: ‘I am still something that I don’t have a man. I’m a free woman’ [a canção é Free Woman]. Listen to this song, it gave me a very good start to bring out what is already being worked on I did a lot of the time.”