Jason Momoa, the Tempest, and it teaches the child to play with the ax, and enjoy the web – Famous


Jason Momoa got a little bit of time in quarantine, so to teach his son, 11-year-old Photographic-Like how to play the game in a society.

In the video, the star of the Tempest had to do with his wife, Lisa Bonet, laughing in the background as the recording was made. “Teaching my son”, she said in the caption of the video.

The consent form, and several feet away from the target to the wood, he fired off several axes. “You have got to feel the target and to let it go,” he repeated Momoa, having fun with the activity.

“Do you want to look at, but it is already away from the face,” he taught. “Just make sure no one is in the middle of the way,” he joked.

The actor regrets not being recognized for your expertise

On a successful quick as Aquaman in the movies of the DC universe, he is 40 years old, ” he admitted in an interview with Esquire recently, it is not recognized precisely because of his ability to work. “I’m not recognised [pela atuação]I am well-known for the action. I don’t say too many things, or use longer sentences.”

Jason Momoa, who started his career on Baywatch 20 years ago, and went for a Game of Thrones from 2011 to 2012. Was there a great opportunity.

The sun is one of the newest additions to the Apple-to-debut-See-and it reminded us of how he was draining her of life in the time of Stargate Atlantis in 2004, and 2009 are as follows: “it Was here that I learned how to shoot, how to write, and how to get things done. We did 22 episodes in nine months, day in, day out.”

Now, it comes in the wake of the tv, and the Apple-protagonizará in the movie, Sweet Girls, Girls, Girls the Series, but no premiere.

In the story, you will be considered a man, a broken heart, it promises to bring to justice those responsible for the death of his wife. His daughter, from that point on, it will be in the family.

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