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Jennifer Aniston has returned to television this Friday on “The Morning Show”, a series of original video, with the signing of the Apple, in which the actress reunites with Reese Witherspoon, who plays the younger sister of Rachel on “Friends”.

The show’s 10-episode, Aniston plays a journalist on tv in a morning program dummy which coapresentador heart for Steve Carell, he was fired due to allegations of sexual harassment.

  • AppleTV+ debuts streaming service with the new series

Watch the trailer for 'The Morning Show'

Watch the trailer for ‘The Morning Show’

The actress, 50 years old, who became a star playing Rachel, she has participated in a number of films after the end of the series run between 1994 and 2004. He served in the, “I Want to Kill My Boss”, “who are Separated from Marriage,” and “Marley & Me”, in addition to tips on the TV series.

“I wasn’t really a question of TV versus film,” said Aniston told reporters at a screening of “The Morning Show” in London, to talk about the main character.

“The thing is, a lot… I love to day programs, and to have the chance to see the world from behind the scenes, is a fascinating one — and this was the most rewarding thing that I’ve done in years,” he said.

‘The Morning Show’ has Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon in the cast — this one’s easy.

“The Morning Show” reviews the themes emphasized by the movement of #MeToo – that drew attention to sexual harassment and abuse of women in the fields of entertainment, business and politics – and also in the aging process.

“I did not mean that the aging, to me, just because I feel like I’m working harder than ever before,” said Aniston.

The winner of the Oscar, Witherspoon embodiment, a reporter for the young man. The two actresses had worked as a producer and executive, of “The Morning Show”.