Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott all this ‘getting and having a good time,” says the portal


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott all this ‘getting and having a good time,” says the portal

PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, they seem to be taking advantage of the holidays to the end of the year for the revival of the company. According to sources from the portal to Radar Online, the two are having fun together, and they can resume their relationship, which ended in October.

“They are staying in and having a good time, and although it Has the same as they were in the vo, again, it seems most likely saving each and every day that passes,” said a source, is exclusive to the site.

The ex-couple have been moments when the two are exposed in November, when the empresria the 22-year-old appeared at the festival to Astroworld, which is organised by the rapper, 27. On the stage, as Travis has come to refer to the Case as his “beautiful wife,” in the middle of a performance. However, at the time there were rumours that the socialite was hanging out with Drake!

Jenner and Scott broke up in October, the aps’s two-year relationship. At the time, fontes prximas a couple said that they were only giving time to the aps to pass by the moments that difficult on a relationship.

A little after, of the fact that the separao spread out, Has used his Twitter profile to denounce the rumors that he would be moving on, and plugged in an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga.

“Travis and I have been in the past terms, and is our main focus right now Stormi,” he said, citing the couple’s daughter who turns 2 years old in February. “To our friendship, and our daughter is only peace.”

Also, according to sources from Radar Online, the two are reviewing their priorities, as in get to stay away from each other. “That’s the something that neither of them had a inteno, but the est it happening organically, as they continue to be extremely atrados to one another and are located on the same qumica more ningum” he said.

The sources also admitted that both of them have faced moments of difficult for a separao, and now that it’s bilionria closed over a contract for the giant, it seems to be a lot more intense and close. In fact, she seems to be ready to love again, as long as your ex in the try to take advantage of it.

“In her circle of social, there is a fear that a Monster would be trying to get money out of it, but she swears that he’s in this kind of person,” said a source.

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