Lady Gaga is manifest on the murder of George’s Career; check out the translation In a Pop in Brazil


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The singer Lady Gaga, who recently achieved one of the best debuts in the history of the stream and in Brazil, took to the social media to position itself in relation to the murder of George, the Band, shot to death by a white policeman, while the latter lay dying on the floor, unable to breathe for about nine minutes.

In the case of George, the Band produced a revolt of the world, is fully justified, and the promotion of violence against black populations on the part of law enforcement authorities, not only in the United States, but around the world because of the racism. There are five days in the cities in the us come from holding demonstrations against the killing of London that is, if it is becoming bigger and bigger.

Beyoncé-that’s hardly going to Instagram, he recorded a video message addressed to the african-american community, and to all the people who, if they were moved with indignation in the face of violence. Rihanna also showed up outraged, and published a text with a strong emotional toll on her Instagram. In addition to that, the other celebrities, from pop music like Ariana Grande, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Lauren Jauregui, have been an active participant in the protests. Harry Styles, a former member of the band One Direction, it is proposed to pay the bond money to the people who were arrested at the protest.

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Check out the announcement of Lady Gaga; in free translation:

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“I have so many things to say about it, but it’s the first thing that I want to make is that I’m afraid to say anything and stir up the most anger, though the emotion is totally justifiable. I don’t want to contribute to more violence, and I want to help to find a solution to this. I am outraged by the death of George’s Career as it has always been for the murder, the exponential of the black people, that is by hundreds and hundreds of years in japan as a result of a racism system, and a corrupt system that supports them.

The voices of the black community have been silenced for far too long and that silence has been showing life once again. And it doesn’t matter what you do to go to school, they don’t even have compassion for the leaders, who are supposed to protect them. Every day, the people of the United States of America is a racist, that’s a fact.

The present is a crucial issue for the black community to have the support of other communities, so that we can put a stop to that which is inherently wrong, and by the grace of God, or any creator in which you believe or you don’t.

We know for a long time, and the president, Donald Trump is failing. He currently holds the office the most powerful in the world, and yet it doesn’t offer anything more than ignorance and prejudice, and while the lives of black people are being taken away. We know that he is an idiot and a racist since he took office. It is making a system that is entrenched by racism, and racist attitudes, and we can all see what’s going on. It’s time for a change.

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I implore people to speak to each other in a way that is educated, passionate, creative, and to show the importance of this issue is that a system that leaves the sick to die in the place of the people who love them.

We SHOULD show our love to the black community. As a white woman and may be legally privileged, and I make a promise to these requirements. We don’t have to do, as a community privileged enough to fight back against racism, and we impose our will by these people who are dying because of this.

This is not justice. This is a tragedy-an epic that is set in our country for a very long time. And I’m sorry. I’m sure he’d love. And I’m going to use your words, I was able to find that in order for me to communicate with the one that is in need of a change in an effective and non-violent to me.”

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Lady Gaga is manifest on the murder of George’s Career; check out the translation