P!we and Selena Gomez make a donation to the fire fighters fighting fire-the Australian


The singer, P!nk, and Selena Gomez, they used their social networks on Saturday (04), to say that they have made donations to institutions that are helping in the fight against forest fires in Australia.

On Twitter, P!we are shown their sadness about the tragedy, and said that he made a donation of US$ 500 billion (about u.s.$ 2 billion) for the Fire department, which operates in the region. “I am absolutely devastated to see what is going on in Australia at the moment, with all the horrible forest fires. I am making a donation of 500 billion dollars, directly, to the services of the fire-places, which are hard at work on the line in front of you,” said the singer.

On Twitter, P!we are told that he made the donation terms on the right hand of the Fire brigade in the Australian

Ever and Selena Gomez is not revealed, but he made a call on Twitter for fans to help the cause. “Completely devastated by the fires in Australia. Praying for all those affected and the first to answer the call. I’m doing a giveaway and I’d love for you to consider doing the same if they could”.

Selena Gomez has not revealed, but called on the fans to also help out the cause

The forest fires in the Australia’s trail and has been since September. The news agency AP reports that the fire has already claimed the lives of 23 people and burned nearly 5 million hectares of land, destroying over 1.5 million homes. It is estimated that around 500 millions of animals must die, burned and the country is called the 3-thousand reservists of the Armed Forces to fight forest fires.