Rolling Stone · 4 reason to believe that She was a better girlfriend for Peter Parker. [LISTA]


The character of Stone has no characteristics that stand out from the other couples, the romantic of the other movies

For Peter Parker. always had a pair of romantic marked the course of the Comic and in the movie theaters. The most memorable is the skilled, ambitious and Mary Jane Watson and it’s brilliant And Gwen Stacy.

Both of the main characters are women, strong and independent, to motivate the Spider-Man to grow and support the same against major hazards. However, in the web site Screen Rant points out reasons for believing that the She it is, in fact, the best girlfriend of the hero.

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Here are the positive factors below. It is worth noting that the version reviewed by the site is the subject of Emma Stone in the movies and not the character from the Comics or from the animated Spider-Man: The Aranhaverso (2018).

She has a strong support-by Peter,

Your Rant points out that, when Peter fight She you are there with him. It will help you to become the hero he should be, in more ways than one, providing the important information that you find in your work as a researcher at Oscorp, helping him to clean up his wounds from the battle, and providing emotional support.

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She always says what she thinks

Not even the Spider-Man it prevents She share what’s on your mind. For example, when Peter tries to break up with her, to protect her, she will take the situation into their own hands and terminate the relationship pursuant to the terms thereof. This scene is comical, it shows the attitude that is necessary to be dating a super-hero.

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She helps Spider-Man fight

If there’s one thing that Gwen Stacy it does not, it does not accept that for an answer. In a famous scene from the The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 (2014) the tragic death of Gradually, however, she insists on helping Peter with the defeat of the Green Goblin. She doesn’t agree doesn’t help him.

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She has a personality that is so silly and adorable in addition to clever

In one scene The Spectacular Spider-Man (2012), Peter it finally builds the courage to ask She for an appointment, as it turned out, the nervousness of it. Instead of treating it like a weirdo, and she plays with it, laughs, and flirts in a way that’s silly. The Version he argues that it shows you how to She to accept the strange quirks of Peter and it’s her. These two are perfect for each other in every way.