Selena Gomez dancing with The Nethern, young girl with a rare disorder, which involves social networks. Watch it! Entertainment


The Nethern, a little girl with a rare disorder that involves social media, made a dream come true to meet Selena Gomez. The two met before the show, the lead singer of the Revival Tour.

The little seven-year-old has anemia, a rare type, Diamond-Blackfan (DBA), that means that your bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells. In addition to having all of your bone growth impaired, and she needs to go for blood transfusion regularly.

In social media, She publishes the videos of the singing and dancing, various music, pop, and raises thousands of dollars for the foundation of a DBA’s who do research on the disease.

The meeting between She and Selena made a video of them singing and dancing to Love You Like a Love Song”). This is the cutest thing you’ll see today!

The very muse of pop, has released a video with a little “Finally I have met this amazing. She is off the chain completely.

Watch it below: