Selena Gomez defends Taylor Swift after the controversy with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Entertainment


The pop world is divided into two sides: either you’re in favor of, Taylor, Swift’s, or you hate. Selena Gomez is one of the best friends of the singer, he decided to defend it after the Kim Kardashian to release the audio of a conversation is eye-opening in between the singer-and-Kanye-West –.

After Taylor’s to be a lot of criticism on the social network, Selena went on Twitter to ask for more of the love of the people.

— There are more important things to talk about… Why people are not allowed to use their voice for something that matters? The truth is, that’s the last thing we need right now is hate, in any form. In this industry, it is very disappointing and is still the most influential.

The audio is released of Kim Kardashian in Snapchat it shows that Taylor Swift’s I knew, yes, it’s about the content of the song Famousfrom Kanye West.

After the song was released The West has been accused of sexism for calling Taylor, “that bitch,” and tried to defend itselfsaying that, the singer has given his approval. The team of the singer, for his part, dismissed the song, and had Said, stating that the blonde was not provided with any connection to it.

Demi Lovato, who has had his problems with Taylor Swift, he has not spoken directly on the issue, but this is a tweet that said, “I love Kim Kardashian”.

Chloë Grace Moretz also came out in defence of Taylor to say that people ought to be concerned with what actually happens in the world. The sister of Kim, Khloe Kardashian has criticised the stance of the actress in Hollywood, and the two exchanged barbs on Twitter.

Ever the actress, Ruby Rose, who became a national holiday in the Independence of the United States, with, Taylor, Swift, spoke out against the hate speech against the king.

The internet has the ability to bring us together, change the world, and how we think about and treat one another… But, alas, it is most commonly used to knock out people… With everything that’s been going on in the world, Maybe we need to get our priorities straight.

Justin Bieber, for his part, left a message for peace on the internet in the middle of the cross fire.

Less hate, more love.

Let’s just wait for the scenes in the next chapter.

Taylor Swift is a celebrity in the highest paid in the years 2016, according to Forbes magazine