Selena Gomez reveals release date, first name, and the tracks on the new album

Selena Gomezyou have just to change the look, and made the happiness of the fans, this Thursday, to 12. Better you just prove your name, date of release, and the tracks of the new album.

The disc will be called Rare and you may be able to be heard on the 10th day of January, in the year 2020. The work includes 13 tracks, including the hits are already released Look At Her Now and No You To Love Me.

In addition to this, the star has also revealed the guest appearances on the album, all the rappers Kid Cudi and 6black. In the video, it showed all the tracks for the fans, and they are as follows: Rare, Dance Again The Ring, Vulnerable, The People You Know, Let Me Get Me, Crowded Room, Kinda Crazy, Fun, Cut You Off and A Sweeter Place.

This week, she is giving away to talk about your time in London. In addition to calling attention to its looks, Speed has also come up with a new hair cut.

The cat is now committed to look with a fringe, and this is not the first time that she Look At Her Now he used the cut-off. In February of 2019, and she has also appeared in fringe, when you go to the New York’s Fashion Week.

At the time, of the hair, the Better it was much longer, and now she’s betting on the length of the medium. The red carpet at the AMA 2019 at the latest, it can be used in a short bob that is divided in the middle, and on to the stage and made the wires crimped to sing No You To Love Me.

Please see below for the After-party, Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards in 2019: