Shade, or before.? Hailey, Bieber reacts to the video of Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards, and shares reviews on the web, come see!!!


To be controversial! Hailey Bieber has divided opinion online, in the early hours of this Monday (the 25th), after enjoying with a video of Selena Gomez on Instagram. As long as a few people have called the model of “obsessed”, the other said that the gesture was a sign of maturity.

Responsible for the make-up of the singer at the American Music Awards, and the make-up artist Hung Vanngo has made three posts on it, including a video of the Stop, ready to open up to the awards ceremony, with her hair curled and make up on well too.

It was in this publication that Hailey, who has previously worked with the artist and follow him on social networks, you left your “like”. Check it out:

The Post enjoyed by Hailey (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The print logo was on the web, and gave feedback both from fans of Selena, as a fan of the model. “That’s Hailey, you have, bro? Woman in mind, it is not like Selena like things are bad-mouthing it, and it is all the time, on top of searching for, or viewing things from it, and to enjoy pictures of her… I no patience for this woman -”critical to a user.

“Hailey, this is very much the face of the stick, are you kidding”agreed the other. “It’s the least embarrassment in the face of the fly-dead of her, and she went away from everything that is related to Selena. Not like the fanzinhas to come up with talk about ‘maturity’ because it’s so out there to me is no vergonhice”.

On the other hand, you had people who reminded us that, just recently, Selena’s not only do this but also commented on the publication of the Bella Hadid. The artist and the model live in a situation like this, involving Hailey, since they both dated The-Weeknd.

Selena: *following the Visits, likes and comments on your photos, even the Beautiful are not following you back*. You, the queen of mature years. Hailey: like a video of Selena that Hung Vanngo, makeup artist who has worked with her on several occasions. You oBsEcAdA. The guy does not even tremble”he scored on a user’s Twitter account.

“So you mean to say that it’s Better by liking and commenting on photos from the Jacob’s maturity, and that Hailey is obsessed? Save me!”said another fan. “Obsessed or not, sly or not, even though rancid’s hailey, I say unto you, to have a positive attitude I’ve seen from her all this time. I found it mature, as well as to Better comment on the picture of the Beautiful”he talked to a girl.

Finally, a surfer has made it easier for the discussion: “Selena and Hailey are two of the wonderful women and the poor are their own fans to create a rivalry that doesn’t exist.”

One day after Selena Gomez released the single “Lose You To Love Me”, a song allegedly about Justin Bieber, we’ve created a new tension between her and Hailey on the social networks. All of it came to pass, after the model of posting a story, just eight minutes after the release of the hit song, featuring a print of the other music I was listening to: “I’ll Kill You!”, Summer Walker.

In the letter, it says: “If all the chicks you find, it’s the best of them are blind. If it is not I, nor your mother, and they are not supposed to show any love to” and “if it’s a bitch trying to get in the middle of the us is not going to end well. You know I love you like no one else could”. It wasn’t long before to be associated with the singer.

In the meantime, a couple of hours later, Hailey said, the story, denying that his story may have been a shade the Better: “Will you please stop with this nonsense. There is no ‘answer’. This is completely a lie”.

Hailey answered on the website “Just Jared” on the event (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The next day, Yes we also talked slightly about the mess, and sent a message to her selenators: “There’s one thing that I really want to say, as long as I am here, to be alive. I am very grateful for the response that your music has been received. However, I do not support is women attacking other women. And I will never, ever, ever I’m going that way”he said to her.

The muse followed him, calling on followers to be gentle and kind to all around the world. “It doesn’t matter what your situation, if you are the fans, don’t be rude to anyone, please. Don’t esquentem his head, and say or do things that you feel in the moment. Just please, for me, you know that it is not in my heart, and my heart is only meant to unlock things that I feel are in me and I am proud of that”she says, adding that that was all she was going to say.

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