Show-offs! Viviane Araujo takes on sun with a towel, valued at$ 3 billion

The actress, Viviane, Araujo has posted a video on Instagram on Saturday commenting on his new YouTube channel. The one that caught our attention, however, was the towel she was wearing. The item from the designer label Louis Vuitton, it is valued at no less than us$ 3.147,59.

On the channel on the social network, the fine has stated that it will work with “love”. “We’re going to put up quite a lot, it’ll be pretty cool, for a return of affection, of love, and of power.”

On the side of her boyfriend, William Militão, I had to also tend to share their routine fitness and the details of living in the quarantine with her partner. “I’m trying to keep to a normal routine. I’ve studied it, watched the movie and the series, and boyfriend so much…” she said, in an interview with the magazine, right and wrong.