The birds-of-Prey | Jodie Comer), Vanessa Kirby and Alexandra Daddario can be involved in a long one, according to the web site


Since the information of the characters Robin Black and He to participate in the one to come “The birds-of-Prey” it started to be aired, the fans have started the speculation about which actors would be chosen to bring to life the heroes. Now, in accordance with the Comic Book Movieit looks like the photos What’s Wrong To Eat (from the series “a”The Killing Of Eve“), That Girl In The Anime (“Mission: Impossible – The Effect Of The Fallout“ and Alexandra Daddario (“Baywatch: S. O. S. Of Malibuare in dispute as to the interpretation of the characters.

According to the sources, from the web site, with the Warner Bros. I would be looking for performers who are approximately the same age that Margot Robbie (“I, Tonya“), which will return to the role of harley quinn. From this perspective, the parties involved in the project, enxergariam on Daddario, the actress is perfect to play the Character, and what they Eat, and in the Anime they would be playing the role of a Canary in the Dark. The Comic Book Movie he made a point of noting that you still do not have precise information about the involvement of the actors on the long time, but pointed out that it is very likely that at least Daddario in talks to integrate it into the cast of the film. Thus, the ability of the actors to join the production, it should be regarded as speculation for now.

“Birds of Prey” is a group of super-heroes was originally formed in the comics, the double-Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Robin Black, He will soon be joining the team. Later on, the team went on to have a Lady-Falcon in the Black, and Lady Shiva, and Gypsy. In the phase of the DC Comics known as the The new 52the title of the team relied on the contributions of Evelyn “Ev” Crawford, Katana, Robin Black, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy. The HQ was the most recent to the team, “Main article: Birds of Prey“ returns to the classic and most well-known of the group, and with Robin Black, Huntress and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, and starring in the title, which was part of the current phase of the DCone of the most popular The renaissance. The HEADQUARTERS of the team was suspended in may of this year, but with a movie that is in production, it is likely that a new one is announced, prior to launching the feature.

The script is being written by Christina Hodson (“Note that the“ that also has been hired to rewrite “Main article:“. The direction will be from Her Side (“Dead Pigs”). “Birds of Prey” does not yet have a date for the premiere, which is expected to begin filming in January of 2019 at the latest.