The director denies that the romance between Wonder Woman and Cheetah in the sequence


Director Patty Jenkins he denied that Women’s Experience, and This will be a full-length novel in the sequence. In an interview with the magazine SFX (via Heroic Hollywoodtime, she said:

“It could have happened in another scenario. But, since this is clearly about the return of Steve Trevor (and Chris Pine), the whole story is about him. It’s a love story with Steve. Diana, you don’t have space for them.

The theory became very popular after the release of the first trailer for the film, Diana, and Barbara, taking a drink. Review:

There are still no details on the story Wonder Woman 1984but now, in the amazon, which he or she lives Gal Gadot it will be shown in the late 1980’s. Chris Pine returns to play the role of Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig it will be the bad guy, Barbara Minerva, the Woman in the Leopard, and the Pedro Pascal you will be the villain, Max Lord.

Wonder Woman 1984 it was one of the highlights of the CCXP 2019 at the latest, with the release of the the first trailer for the feature and new footage the panel in the Studio.

The film has been delayed and will arrive in theaters in brazil in On August 13. It is important to note that the date may change to December in the case of the Warner Bros. delay Tenetnew movie Christopher Nolan – to understand.