“The worst of the crisis, not only the drama of the lost”


The Pope has called for today in the Vatican, to overcome the pessimism and selfishness, in a time of crisis, calling for unity and hope, speaking during the holy Mass of Pentecost, which ends the easter season in the catholic calendar.

“The worst of the crisis, not only the drama of the loss, and shut-in in ourselves,” he warned, in his homily at the celebration, which he presided over in St. Peter’s Basilica, in the presence of a few dozen of the faithful.

The intervention focused on the necessity to live one’s life as a “gift”, in which three of the “enemies” of this insight: narcissism, victimization, and pessimism.

“In a pandemic, is an evil of immense narcissism, the focus is only on their own needs, oblivious to the needs of others, not to admit to their own weaknesses and mistakes”, he warned.

San Francisco has also emphasised that the constant whining, and see the “all black” are the brakes on the restart, after the crisis brought about by the Covid-19, ” thinking that “nothing will be as it used to be.”

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