To accept the role of Captain America, it was the best decision of your life, ” says the actor

After nine movies, such as Captain America, Chris Evans he recalled the beginning of his journey into the Marvel comicsrevealing to a podcast of the THR they had second thoughts about accepting the role, and a contract for the work, so far. Speaking about the president in the studio Kevin Feige he helped in the process, he referred to the decision as to the best of your life[via[viaMB]:

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I owe it to Kevin Feige for being persistent, and you have helped me avoid a huge mistake. To be honest with you, all that I feared never took place. I fell in love with Steve Rogers really quickly.”

Evans has even talked about how nice it was to have a different actor for the relatively new team of Avengers, stating that the presence of the Chris Hemsworth it was comforting:

“It was nice to have Chris Hemsworth away, because he was in the midst of this as well. At the time, [Robert] Downey was Downey, Scarlett [Johansson] it was Scarlett’s. And [Mark] Ruffalo’s hairstyles and [Jeremy] Renner is also already destroyed. Hemsworth and I were very young, we had our films to the ground, so I think that we all share that anxiety, which made the stay a little more comfortable,”

Evans has appeared in nine different films in the MCU, including the small tips on the Thor: The Dark World and Spider-man: The Return Homeif a retiree in the role of Captain America in the Upcoming Deadlinefrom 2019 at the latest.