Viviane Araujo put up a video on with a towel in excess of$ 3 billion – 30/05/2020


Viviane Araujo, has posted today on her Instagram with a video, soaking up the sun and talking about his new YouTube channel.

However, what caught the attention was the cloth in which the actress was lying on: it is a question of a Louis Vuitton handbag valued at$ 590, today’s equivalent is the stunning R$ 3.147,59.

The product was launched in the summer of last year, along with a volley ball. In the article, sport is also the most expensive, at US$ 2.860, or$ 15.257,81.

In the video, However tells us that the fans have created a YouTube channel for it, and ask that your followers join. “We’re going to put up quite a lot, it’ll be pretty cool, for a return of affection, of love, and of power.”

She spent the period of quarantine at the hand of her boyfriend, William Militão. In an interview with the magazine, Who spoke about their day-to-day in isolation:

“I’m trying to keep to a normal routine. I have studied it, seen the films and tv shows, boyfriend is enough. I Do physical exercise, talk with friends and family, and I try to help those who are in need. The William is willing to help me in whatever I need.”