You know what the number in the world, will be the first one to be made after the quarantine


Sophie, Charlotte, and Rodrigo Lombardi on the scene, and The Angel of Hamburg (Picture: Handout / the Globe)

It still has not been scheduled for the re-opening of their studio, the The globe she is studying as it will give a resume of the recordings. Series, tv, shows, among other productions, they must also re-enable it, after the novels continue their work. According to a column by Flavio Ricco, from UOL, the first product that you should take back the recordings, it is The Angel in Hamburg. The choice of the new series has been due to international commitments.

The story will be the first production of the station’s written entirely in the English language, in a partnership in terms of the channel of the Marine environment as well as Sony Pictures. The first step has already been recorded, even before it is referred to as the COVID-19, in the city of Buenos Aires, there was also a small amount of scenes that were shot in Rio de Janeiro.

The world, and Sony have joined to the production Forest for the production of the two series: Angels of Hamburg and the River’s Connection. The agreement between the two companies, it will give Sony the right to sell the series to all over the world, with the exception of Brazil, which will have the rights that belong to the World. The brazilian broadcaster will also have the rights to view the live streaming via the Globoplay.

The angels, of Hamburg, will be starred by the actress Sophie Charlotte, and she will give you life, Aracy de Carvalho, a heroine, a brazilian who has come to save the lives of hundreds of jews during the 2nd World War. Rodrigo Lombardi’s, as well as playing one of the main characters in the skin of João Guimarães Rosa. Tarcísio Filho and Gabriela Petry is also part of the team. The board is the responsibility of Jayme Monjardim.

It is worth noting that the role of Rodrigo Lombardi would have originally played by actor Matthew Solano, but he has given up the idea of participating in the Angels of Hamburg, in order to work in The Wilderness of the Opera series by Maria Adelaide Amaral, who will speak on the life and work of the maestro Carlos Gomes.