Artists from the U.S., they manifest themselves on the killing of George’s Career


The murder of George Floyd, a black man, 40 years old, that has been fixed on them by a police officer with his knee on his neck for eight minutes, there was a surge of protest e crticas in the United States since you will have Monday, may 26. The act also had an impact in between with the artists in the us, who spoke about the event on their social network accounts.

Actor and singer Jamie Foxx it was one of the first to vote in the August 26, when it posted a picture that reminded us of the protest of the american football, Colin Kaepernick, who would, when the national anthem of the USA played in the game as a form of protest against racism in the country.

“Ns: we can not remain silent,” said Foxx, who reminded us of other black people killed by police in December last year, and came to the protest on the 29th of may. “At this time, ns is in leave your name [George Floyd] it’s just a hashtag. His spirit rose with the cheers of all of ns, that is asking for justice on your behalf,” she told the tv host Oprah Winfrey on the 29th.

Singer Beyonc also spoke on the matter: “ns, are broken up with gross, we cannot “normalize” the pain. […] Enough of the murders, with no sense of human beings, no more to say to you that black people only, less than human. Her husband, the rapper Jay-Z, and asked for justice, and that all those involved in the death of the Band are to be investigated and punished, and he did call the governor of Minnesota, the state in which the event occurred and to ask for justice.

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As many have said, just be a racist, we ought to be anti-racist. A mudana est, ” too late,” said the singer, Cline Dion. “In my heart a part, for George’s Career, his family and the people of the golden state warriors. Murder, murder,” said Lady Gaga.

“this is what it means to be black in the United States. The accused. The court. Killed for being black. We are certain that hundreds-of-years-of-polticas, which reduced our existence,” said the actress, Viola Davis. “Ns: we have won when we managed to “normalize” gender equality,” said the actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and they do this by tracing the police, and advocating for the needs of mudana in american society.

Among the many artists who have been, to all appearances, the death of the Band, tracing the police and pointing out the necessity of the fight against racism, are such names as Rihanna, Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, and Justin Bieber.

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