BLOCK 2019: Surtaram! Sophie Turner, Taylor Swift, Bebe, Rexha, Joe, and Nick Jonas had the BEST reaction to the almost kiss, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, come watch!


Not only were the audience and fans who love the performance to the heat of the “Miss” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at mtv’s Video Music Awards, 2019 at the latest on Monday (the 26th). The famous ones who were in the audience, it also surtaram with the presentation of the married couple, the almost-kiss that happened at the end. The best part of it? It was all recorded!

The MTV video music awards has a camera that is always focused on the celebs in the audience, and she captured people for the BEST reactions to Taylor Swift, Bebe, Rexha, Diplo, Sophie, Turner, Nick, and Joe Jonas as they watched the duo perform in a climate of all over, romantic and sexy.

In the video, we see Taylor-Swift-shocked by the hand on the mouth, all the while speaking of the display, with your friends, Todrick Hall, and Dexter Mayfield. Just then, Sophie, Nick, and Joe are playing your arms behind your back, waiting for the kiss that did not happen, and, in the end, Bebe Rexha is desapontadíssima, and it starts to scream “kiss, kiss, kiss”. Even the Diplo seems to be disappointed at the bottom of the screen. Accounted for all of the fans of the Shawmila with dignity!

Take a look at the reaction of all of the below:

Through social networks, Joe has also stressed its expectation to be frustrated with the performance of the repost of the video of the hearing in which it appears. “In the UK is over, but we’re still waiting for that kiss, and in the meantime, @camila_cabello @shawnmendes”wrote in the caption.

And it was actually one of the most “choked up” with a “Miss”. Take a look at this reaction to a well, close to what the MTV video music awards, he recorded for the singer! He had to sit down to catch your breath, you can! via All of it, without taking that smile that stupid face…

Remember, the presentation of the iconic Shawn, and She was in the past:

Which one of the most famous the most was the reaction of the watch, wasn’t it?