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Stories Of The Crusades it is a film, directed by Tate Taylor, and has earned nominations for several awards. Even, they led to the award of the Academy award for Best Supporting Actress back to the house. The merit was in the show Octavia Spencer. However, it has been nominated for Best Film and Best Actress.

On the plot of the Stories of the Crusades

The film takes place in the United States in the ‘ 60s, in which the segregation of the people in the black-and-white, it was still something very, very obvious. One example of this is the separate bathrooms for the maids, the black women who work in the homes of the population. The film is all about, about racism and how black women who provided services to white families were, in fact, a slave to the modern. Treated with neglect, and ashamed of, and earning small amounts of money.

So, here we have the saviour, the white of the frame, New (Emma Stone). Hollywood seems to love putting on these individuals in all of the products on the black people and to turn them into something that is about white people helping black people. A young journalist, decides to write a book about the point of view of the employees, and then publish it, it causes a kind of manifesto of the way they are treated. Especially with the fact that it has been brought up by his mother’s black,” and you have seen your mother to “get rid” of it.

The problem is all of the screenplay of the Tate Taylor it’s right here. The film takes a critical light on the how racism is still tough all over the world. We see scenes of agoniantes of the police officers dealing with the violent people are black, as is the case today. But, in the end, the film really showed that he wanted to show me. The feeling is that the history of Eugenics turned out to be the most important one, and the black women have not been valued as it should be.

The cast and characters

All three of the main characters of the story are Aibileen (Viola Davis’), Minny (Octavia Spencer), and New (Emma Stone). The first two are the major highlights of the story. The Viola can bring a truth to her character, so real, that it is possible to see the personal pain going through the interpreter. And, in fact, that’s what happens.

Already, Journalists are unable to bring in a bit of a comedy at its core, but still working on the question of racial discrimination. This is, without a doubt, it was a very important part of the production and it was performed with great excellence in fact. The entire cast is working excellent and all the characters are exactly where they should be.

The direction and photography, the Stories of the Crusades

Stories Of The Crusades
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Viola Davis

The direction, also in the Times, it works very well with the set-up of the scene. For a lot of the times, showing us the side of black women, as they listen to jokes and racial slurs. And the picture is developed, so as to give the film the feel of aging. The film is a bit saturated. It is not something that a lot of the original, but it suits the atmosphere of the story.

The set and costume design

Stories Of The Crusades

In the end, the stage set and the costumes end up in the atmosphere of the period in which the story takes place. You see, the women in white, adorned with beautiful dresses, flowers, and wheels, while the black women have to work all day and come home to your clothes sweaty and dirty. In addition to this, the house is a place where white people live they are tremendous style and luxury, while the houses of the blacks, the evil are the light and the space. Everything in the film is very important, and that he had sinned only in the script.

And now, you have seen the Stories of the Crusades? To account for the number of people who found it!

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