Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to take part in a protest against racism in the U.S.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes break in the period of social isolation, to do a sit-in protest in Miami on Sunday (31/5). The marriage of the pop took part in the demonstration of the Black Lives Matter (Lives of the Black women Care for), a movement that combats racism in the United States.

They went out several photos of the singers, with posters written “Black Lives Matter” in the protests. She was, and We were out of masks, such as several of the protesters, by the account, referred to as the coronavirus.

Here’s the pictures of the two on the protest:

The sit-in became an emergency in the United States, after the a video of a cop killing a black man, by choking viralizou on the Internet. The reason why? The man allegedly used a counterfeit banknote in the market.

The protest has been happening every day in this country, in the name of the citizen, as he would begin touring again. Given the impact, the police officer has been arrested and will answer for the murder of the third degree. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, however, that inflames the protests, with claims in dispute.

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I’ve been trying to find the right words to say after I saw the video where George Floyd”s life is being taken from him with impunity… I am so sorry to George’s Floyd”s family, and Ahmaud Arbery”s family, And Breonna Taylor’s family and to the countless other black families that have their children and parents being taken away from them. I stand with you in outrage, and I have called Minnesota’s Governor Walz, Minnesota’s Attorney General, and Keith Ellison , and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, their numbers, and what’s to say this is on the ACLU website, and I urge you to please call, please sign the petitions, and let’s stand together for justice. We need a change, we can’t affords to be silent, and we can’t affords to the society that’s indifferent to the others pain. #BlackLivesMatter #WeCantBreathe

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Other artists have also expressed their

Taylor Swift he used Twitter to criticise the attitude of the president of the United States, after the death of George’s Career. “Then the fire of white supremacy and racism in his entire presidency, and you have the nerve to pretend to moral superiority before they threaten violence?”financial crisis to name a few.

Ariana Grande he also used the social networks to protest against racism in the United States. She asked the fans to exercise their voice in the upcoming presidential election. “Many of the things that seem to be frightening, dangerous, and uncertain right now”wrote to her, “but there are things within our ability to vote, to talk to legislators, respond to the Census. The most important thing you can do right now is to regain the power in order to become a voter, and, you know, when is your next election.”