Case, George London: Halsey, Yungblud, and the other artists participating in the protests in the United States


Singer, Youngblud has been seen at a protest in Los Angeles (Photo: Playback)

The United States faced another day of protests after the death of George Floyd, a black man, 46-year-old, who was asphyxiated by police officers in Minneapolis. Halsey, Yungblud the song Machine Gun Kelly there have been a few of the stars who took to the streets of Los Angeles, to show their uprising to the case and the charge for the justice from the authorities.

In the pictures that have been circulated by the american press, the rapper and singer Machine Gun Kelly it was found to be on the march in the middle of many people on the streets of Los Angeles. MGK he was wearing a mask, and in his hand he carried a placard with the slogan “the silence is a betrayal”.

Prior to the event, the rapper has spoken on the topic on her Instagram. “If you look like me, and you have racism in your heart, in your mind, in and out of her mouth, fucking it. I am ashamed of you…. If you like my music, or do you like to do in my films, and I don’t want you to watch it, and I don’t want your business”.he said.

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On Saturday, protests occurred in at least 20 towns and cities of the United States of america. In addition to the MGK, the singer, Youngblud has also been seen in the front row, right next to the protesters for IT. With a sign that said, “lives of black women matter,” he was shot during a struggle with police.

The singer Halsey he also participated in the demonstration, which ended with one police officer was seriously injured and 500 demonstrators arrested. On her Instagram, the singer has made the lives of some of the moments of tension between the people who were on the streets, and the police.

In social networks, the role of celebrities in movements has been commented out.