Check out the launch of Amazon Prime in the first week of June


Another month begins, and in order to help you face your life-style la quarantine, on the platform of the Amazon Prime Videois preparing to make a grid of the schedule special for the month of June.

And just in this first week, the film will be able to enjoy some of the greatest hits from the movies, such as the critically acclaimed academy award best picture nominee ‘Between the Knives, and the Secrets of‘ and the sequel ‘The avengers: Age of Ultron‘.

And so you don’t miss out on anything good that is coming, we have separated the schedule of the releases is scheduled for this week.

Check it out, and put in the till!

On June 1

The avengers: Age of UltronThe continuation of the phenomenon of the world in 2012, The Avengers, The Age of Ultron it brings to the supergroup of the Marvel comics learning how to work in a team, and when you Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr..), focused on securing the peace of the world, it ends up creating a Fantastic (James Spadera ), an artificial intelligence that believes that the greatest threat to the planet Earth, they are just human beings. With the fate of Earth at stake, Captain America (Chris Evans), The man in the Iron (Robert Downey Jr.), I (Chris Hemsworth), Why (Mark Ruffalo’s Hairstyles), The Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssonand Energy-Used To (Jeremy Rennera ) have to get together one more time to try and stop the insanidades of the killer robot, and the Brothers Peter (The Aaron Taylor-Johsonand Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsenbefore you is a tragedy, the assole of the human race.

Traffic: No One Comes Out CleanOne of the first successes of the director, Steve Soderberghwho directed the trilogy Eleven Men and A Secret, Traffic linking together a bunch of stories from the perspective of the universe and of human trafficking and the fight against drug trafficking in the United States, and the main characters are a police officer in a mexican caught in a web of corruption, double agents, of the department’s anti-american, infiltrated into the dangerous world of the dealers in San Diego, california, a baron of the drug, which, upon being arrested, he explains how his wife has taken his business to be illegal, and a judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio, well known for his position as anti-drug, they have to deal with her daughter’s addiction. The main asset of the film is, precisely, to bring the various different views on the same topic in order to mature. And it gets even better because you really don’t know if you know of, or are in the surrounding of the movie, so all of these stories have in common, it’s just the traffic. The film was elogiadíssima, and won 4 academy awards.

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LegoThe line for the entertainment of the Lego already holds for a very long time in the market. Following on from the success of some of the productions the company’s movie theaters, the animated series gained even more weight. In the series, you arrive on the first day are: Lego-the Adventures in the City (Season 1), Lego Friends: Girls On A Mission (Season 1), Lego Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit (Season 1), and Lego Ninjago. In addition to the short term Lego Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxythat brings the heroes of the Marvel comics “stealing” is a stone-even, to prevent the destruction of half the universe, and Lego Marvel: Black Pantherthat shows you the Black Panther facing Ulysses Klaue, Eric Killmonger and Hiswhile the trio attempt to steal the vibranium from the Wakanda. June 05,

El Presidente (Season 1)The highly anticipated television series for Amazon El Presidente it will bring you the story of the scandal of corruption at Fifa in 2015, to be known as the ‘CUP Gate’. Against the background of different towns and cities in Latin America, the united states and Europe, the series explores britain’s sport, which has sent shockwaves through the world, through the story of Sergio Jadue, the president of a small soccer team, the chilean who came out of the woodwork to become a major player in the conspiracy involving bribes of us$ 150 million at the hands of the federal president of the argentine football federation, Julio Grondona.

Between the Knives, and the Secrets ofOne of the film’s most talked-about 2019 at the latest, Between the Knives, and the Secrets of it’s a classic detective story, directed by Rian Johnsonand star-studded with names such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and many, many others. After the celebration of the 85-year-old of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), a famous writer of crime novels, and is the patriarch of the Thrombey, is found dead in the hotel room. For family reasons, and especially because of the great legacy that Harlan had left, the world-famous detective, Benoit, Blanc – (Daniel Craigis called in to investigate the case. During the work, he or she will discover that almost all families had some sort of grudge against the father, causing all to be suspected of a crime.