Free for ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston is celebrating 50 years of circle of the goddess with friends


LOS ANGELES – Jennifer Aniston I just wanted a calm trip end of the week. It was shortly after the anniversary of the 50 years ago in the show, and she was about to board a plane bound for Mexico with six of your best friends, and most of the know from his earliest days in Los Angeles, california, before a Bradbefore Justin bieber, before theFriends“and by the tabloids, when they were neighbors on the same street in Laurel Canyon. (“We were the Girls from the Hills,” he says.)

But, after a few minutes of the flight, the pilot had asked to speak with her. They had a tire and would have to return to the Los Angeles area. While the pilot is burning fuel, Aniston told jokes, during a four-hour rest, and tried to keep calm, she has panic attacks in the plane), while responding to messages from friends who had read about the “landing of the rescue — which he had not yet taken place.

The women sat in the safe, they left the aircraft, and on the following night, they came together for a ceremony that they held for the past three decades: a the circle of goddesses. Sitting on a cushion, cross-legged on the floor in the living room, they passed by a small rod of wood of the beech tree, which is decorated with feathers and ornaments, in the same way as they did for every major event in the lives of others.

They sat down in the circle before wedding for Aniston, with Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. They sat in a circle and when the babies were born, and when Aniston and Theroux had to sacrifice the dog’s bed, a Long.

This time, it is the intention of the circle was established to: commemorate the career of them, and raise a toast to the new chapter for Aniston.

— It’s just so weird. There is so much negativity attached to that number, ” says Aniston about 50 years of age.

We were sitting in the kitchen of her sun-drenched house in the middle of the twentieth century, Bel-Air, at the end of the month of August. It was close and bright, as are the magazines, the celebrities are usually in the outline, and thought, curious and autodepreciativa, usually they don’t say.

Seen this one?The wedding dress for Jacqueline Kennedy, has been done for you by a stylist in the black. Why is no one talking about it?

She asked me the meaning of my tattoo, the one that led us into a conversation about my dog, what made you ask the question to Siri: “Hey Siri, what will it look like a cockapoo (cross of a cocker and a poodle)?” (“I’m such a strange person with a passion for dogs, as the female of the dog”, ” he said, as he went hand in through the newly cut out of the dog Following.)

Aniston is way, surprisingly enough vulnerable for someone whose minor piece of news can be turned into thousands of stories to tell.

Now, back to the question of the ages:

— I went into a period of what I believe to be one of the most rewarding of my life, in terms of creativity. Seriously.

She pauses, knocks three times on the table in the centre of the wood, and goes on:

— I do, I do it for 30 years, and I feel that it is only now really going to flourish.

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This is the kind of thing we artists always say in interviews, but in this case, it was not a cliché.

Since the end of “Friends”, Aniston has been remarkably successful in the independent film, it received mixed reviews for the film on the big circuit, done a lot of advertising and have had a few fiascoes at all.

But it’s nothing that has had the effect of Rachel Greenthe beloved’s bride on the run who starred in “Friends”. Over a period of 15 years, he has lived the characters, with the potential to make it to overcome one of paper icon, that hair, that cloak of Rachel,” as she once called it — but none of them led to the desired outcome. The only way to do that is to go back to the way the cast of the show.

So, on the 1st of November, the actress will be reunited with them in the past as the star of “theThe Morning Show“the Apple is a series of dramatic, high budget, which the plot takes place behind the scenes of a news broadcast on the television. Aniston, interprets, Alex Levy, the anchor of a morning program, sound-with a personal life more complicated and one’s professional life is even worse. The situation is further aggravated by the sudden resignation of a companion from the bench, the long-time part of the Steve Carell) for sexual harassment.

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For Aniston, it is the backbone of the program, both as a producer and executive, it’s a chance to go deep into a dramatic role in more sophisticated, which, as she defines it, it has it all:

In children, the guilt, the struggle for power, to be a woman in the industry, go through a divorce go through a divorce publicly, and you feel alienated being the one that messes things up a bit.

Actress Jennifer Aniston poses at his home in Los Angeles. Fifteen years later, the 'Friends', she is in the back of the TV, playing the role of a character that was grappling with the age -, gender bias, and a co-worker, the harasser Photo by: SANDY KIM / NYT
Actress Jennifer Aniston poses at his home in Los Angeles. Fifteen years later, the ‘Friends’, she is in the back of the TV, playing the role of a character that was grappling with the age -, gender bias, and a co-worker, the harasser Photo by: SANDY KIM / NYT

It is a role that has required her to use more parts of his personal life than anything else. In addition to being, perhaps, his best chance to finally get the world to see her as an actress, and not just as a star in the sky.

The actress did her research for the role in behind-the-scenes of “Good Morning America” with Diane Sawyer, who has studied everything from the choice of your costumes to the way in which it consumes caffeine, which is involved in switching between the Coca-Cola company, Red Bull, and coffee.

Scenario, Aniston has chosen to hand out the books, the character of 100 Years of Bauhaus” at the table in the center, and the “Blink” of Malcolm Gladwell in the working directory), all the sconces in the apartment style is modern French, and the clothing, to measure; black and white, with the occasional touch of color. He set up photos of your friends in real life, the Girls from the Hills — in the dressing room and into the bedroom for Alex.

There have been a few disagreements on the healthy, between, Aniston, and Kerry Ehrin, the show runner (the person responsible for the series, and it has full control over the creative decisions and the administration of the appeal — for example, if ” One believes her, and really would use a phrase like “Almost dilacerei my vagina with his cabeçona, including a word before the “vagina” is used to describe the time of delivery.

“I said,” that will never come out of my mouth. Out of the mouth of Alex, also, Anniston is the ultimate in. “And Now she continued by saying, ‘Trust me,'” said Hahn. After a couple of weeks ago, in this back-and-forth, Aniston has finally agreed to try to speak, and they got in the first shot.

Then, at the end of the day, she found that Alex could really say such a thing? I asked him.

“Yes, but, you see, I interpret for a person who is a parent. I’ve never had to flush anything for my mother. Therefore, it is better understanding of where you come from that place, to pull in information from all of the moms that I know and understand how something so wild and vulnerable, and intense, it is possible to.

You could say it’s the story of Alex Levy, that is the story of Jennifer Aniston: a person who is overlooked and overexposed, well-known for something that may or may not resemble to his own essence, anyone who attempts to reassert control over the narrative.

— It took a while for me to get to where I am today, and I have been working a lot with my art. I missed it. Triunfei. I just got over it. You know, I was there. I’m still here, he said Aniston.