From Obama to Kim Kardashian, celebrities have been protesting by George Floyd


With the recent death of a black man by a white police caused a riot in the United States, involving not only the residents, who took to the streets in protest – deaths -in, but people in the arts, and politics.

From Obama to Kim Kardashian, passing through the stars of the sport, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and the Cardi B, then the subject wins the social network, with cries of racism.

President Barack Obama

“It’s not meant to be ‘normal’ in the year 2020 in the usa. It may not be ‘normal’. If we want our children to grow up in a nation where it reaches its higher ideals, we can and ought to be the best, afirmouo the ex-u.s. president Barack Obama in a letter that you share on your social networks.

“It is the responsibility of all of us, regardless of race or status, including a majority of the men and women of the law who take pride in doing the hard work in the right way, every day— as we work together to build a ‘new normal’ in which the legacy of the treatment of biased and inequitable not to infect our institutions and in our hearts,” he said.

First Lady Michelle Obama

“Like many of you, I am suffering from these tragedies in recent years. And I’m already exhausted by a grief that never seems to stop. At the time, st. George’s, Breonna, and Ahmaud. Before that, it was Eric, Sandra, and Michael. It goes on and on, it continues,” he wrote to his wife from the president Barack Obama at the beginning of your message.

She went on: “Race and racism are a reality that many of us grew up learning how to deal with. But if you ever expect to get over it, it can’t be the only a person of color, to deal with this,” he pointed out.

Like so many of you, I’m pained by these recent tragedies. And I’m exhausted by, the heartbreak that never seems to stop. Right now, it’s George, and Breonna, and Ahmaud. Before that it was Eric, Susan, and Michael. It just goes on, and on, and on. Race and racism is the reality that so many of us grow up learning to just deal with that. But if we ever hope to move past it, it can’t just be on people of color has to deal with it. It’s up to all of us—Black, white, everyone—no matter how well-meaning we think we might be up to the honest, uncomfortable work of files and other it’s out. It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own. It ends with justice, compassion, and empathy that manifests in our lives and on our streets. I pray we all have the strength for that journey, just as I pray for the souls and the families of those who were taken from us. Artwork: @nikkolas_smith

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Kim Kardashian

The socialite wrote on the hastag for “Justice for George “Floyd”

LeBron James

The basketball star posted a montage of a t-shirt that reads, “I can’t breathe,” as if you listened to the Band, alerting you and the police officer kneeled on his neck.

Cardi B

“It’s good enough. What will you need? In the civil war? With a new president? Violent protests? And I’m tired! The country is sick and tired. America is not the land of the free”,

Demi Lovato

“I’m tired of typing, “rest in peace”. I want black males to live in peace.”

Lady Gaga

“My heart is broken, he would begin touring again. A murder is a murder. Police officers are also citizens and, the laws must apply to them as well.”

Naomi Campbell

“Black men are not our enemies.”

Ariana Grande

“Please, keep signing petitions, making donations and visiting with family and friends. It doesn’t end after you’ve made only one post.

Justin Bieber

“THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. It makes me absolutely sick. Makes Me angry that this man had DIED. Racism is bad and we need to use our voices. I’m sorry, George “Floyd”.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

“Racism is a disease that is recurrent in nature. (…) George “Floyd said,” I can’t breathe’. He said it about 15 times. Not at a time. Or both of them. Up to 15 times. These police officers are going to be handled. They’re going to pay. But the package, you need to fight for gender equality. We’re going to win when you normalizarmos to justice”.

The Past few days I’ve been stunned trying to make sense of George’s Floyd”s death. The video. The plea for breath. The callous response. For The racism. The killing. This is our ongoing disease. I’ve had cops in my family. Good for the men. And there’s the cop now, granting you the authority to use force if your life is in danger. But when the man is handcuffed, on the ground, no longer a threat, with your brothers in arms standing around watching, and he struggles to say, “please I can’t breathe” when your knee is on his neck.. not his back, but his neck – cutting off his air. Cop-the code must become a moral code. The Ethics code. The HUMANITY code. Knowing that if you don’t ease up, then that man is going to die. So when you decide to not ease up, and your intention is to kill. And that’s what this was. George, Floyd said, “officer, I can’t breathe” as he struggled for air. He said these words a total of 15 times. Not on the first. Not, it twice. 15, or the public. These officers will be charged, I’m positive of that. Held each other accountable. But then where’s the greater transparency and accountability? The leadership to me. More importantly, the leadership to EQUALITY. We ultimately win when we can standardize equality. “I’m so sorry to the Floyd family. My heart breaks for you. Let the process begin now. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #NormalizeEquality

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Taylor Swift

The singer is has criticised the actions of Trump, accusing him of promoting racism.

“After you set the white supremacy and racism throughout the government, and you have the nerve to pretend to moral superiority before he threatened you with violence?”, he wrote to Taylor on his Twitter account. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts’ [referência à frase usada por Trump]? We votaremos to run against you in November”, wrote the singer.

Colin Kaepernick

“In the struggle for liberation, there will always be retaliation. We must protect our freedom fighters. We have started an initiative for the defense of legal to provide legal representation for the freedom fighters in the golden state, paid for (YourRightsCamp”


“For the past few days, and the sheer magnitude of the devastation, the anger, and the sadness I felt was overwhelming. You see people dying and being linchada day-after-day has led me to a tough place in my heart. The point is to get away from the networks, in order to avoid the agony in the voice of George London again, begging for his life time and time again. (…) If the killing is the result of the drug, or to resist an arrest, and what the consequences should be for the murder?”.

For the last few days, the magnitude of the devastation, anger, sadness I’ve felt has been overwhelming to say the least! Watching my people get murdered and lynched, day after day pushed me to a heavy place in my heart! To the point of staying away from the socials, just to avoid hearing the blood by curdling agony in George Floyd”s voice again, begging over and over for his life!!! The look of enticement, and the pure joy and climax on the face of this bigot, murderer, thug, pig, good, Derek Chauvin, haunts me!! I can’t shake this! I can’t get over an ambulance pulling up to an arrest, the paramedic checking on the press without removing the very thing that s be hindering it! Is this that fucking normal??? If intentional MURDER is the fit, the consequence is either “drugs” or “resisting arrest”….then what’s the fit as a consequence for MURDER???! #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor

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“We need to get justice for George’s Career. They all witnessed his death in the light of the day. We are broken and damaged. We can’t normalize, the pain. I am not speaking just for black people. Enough of the killings unaware of the human beings. Enough to say that black people don’t matter as much as the others.”