Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa talk about the release of the Snydercut

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Both are passionate about the work of the Zack Snyder the character of the DC in the film, as well as the public college, as a whole, were caught by surprise today, with the news that the directors of the Justice league of america it will really be released exclusively for the platform Serves a daily continental breakfast for Max.

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The Warner Bros.. it seems to be taking this release very seriously. In the background of the studio, and finish the special effects were at school together, meet the cast of the film to record additional scenes, and the end result can be as much as Up to $30 million.

Speaking of the cast, some actors have started to speak openly about the project. In his Instagram, Jason Momoa, the Aquaman it showed all of her excitement about the project, and to thank the fans for making this happen:

“We wanted it to, and it is finally happening. You are welcome! The justice is done. All of my aloha to all of you that made it happen. All of the fans. We all love you!!!”

Henry Cavillwho lived in the Superman in the film, and it may or may not return to that role soon, as well has using her profile Instagram to congratulate the director:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. The Snydercut will be launched later in the year to come! Now, I know that there have been campaigns for the entire amount of the Snydercut, and if it is actually going to happen. Just remember, it’s all of us, there will be more Justice League of america right now, so everybody wins. So, be cool with each other. A huge congratulations to you, mr. Snyder!”

Justice league of americathe version of the Zack Snyderwill be available on the platform HBO’s Max in the coming year.

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