J. K. Simmons on the future of J. Jonah Jameson in the UCM


One of the biggest and best surprises from Spider-Man: Away-from-Home, the latest film in the Universe, a Cinematic Marvel, it was the appearance of J. K. Simmons, or even better, a character of J. Jonah Jameson, the actor, starred in a movie trilogy by director Sam Raimi.

In the film’s Universe, a Cinematic from the Marvel comics, Jameson introduces himself as the host of a talk show online, the Daily Bugle, the contours to be inflammatory, of course, advocating for Mysterio, and cussing out the Spider-Man, an old man’s hate to the pet.

In the latest issue of Couch Surfing, one of them asked Simmons if he hoped to return to play the character in the film that is ahead of Spider-Man, Tom Holland, and answered that although I have signed up to take part in the sequel, it’s up to the studio to decide if this character will return or not.

“I don’t know if you have to use the word “hope”. It’s great to have this opportunity, as these things go, and one of the remaining pieces of the old version.”

Simmons recalled the time of her audition for the role in the first Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, as he described the process as “nerve”, even though you have already worked with the director previously. To make matters worse, the big test was the one where the Green Goblin comes in through the walls of the Daily Bugle, grabbing Jameson by the neck, choking him.

“The farmers and the people from Sony and they need to be convinced. Of course, there are many more actors in the high-profile that they had in mind to help them at the box office.” During the trial, “I’m going to hold on to the pages of the script, the reading, the hearing, and at the same time, it was background noise to drown it … pretending that I was being lifted up by the neck.”

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