Kanye West says he’s uncomfortable with the dress “too sexy” Kim Kardashian

Photo: Reproduction/instagram/@kimkardashian

He would be deceiving himself who thinks that the love life of rapper Kanye West, 42, and socialite Kim Kardashian, the 38 is a bed of roses. Even though both of them were together for seven years and have four children, and there is some discussion as a couple.

And one of them is shown in the last episode of the reality show that follows the lives of two of the, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. The rapper was not pleased with the look chosen by you, beloved, to mark your presence at the Met Gala, 2019 at the latest, at the beginning of the year.

On this occasion, she opted for a gown that valued her curves and featured a sweetheart neckline. “You’re my wife, and it does affect me when the photo’s are very sexy,” he said. Kim brushed off. “You’re waiting for the day to tell you that you don’t like it? You’re making me nervous. I don’t need any more negative energy”, has taken off.

Then, it has grown to the chorus and the beat of the foot for the dress. “You have made me be a person who is sexy and self-confident. It’s not because you’re in for a change that I am in the same place as you,” he said.

Not even the discussion meant that it would change my mind. Kim wore this dress at the same event, with the approval of her husband. In the pictures, it doesn’t seemed to be anything but happy.

Source: The Leaf Press