Katy Perry announces that he is going to wool lbum, even in the quarantine


The singer, lan -
Singer lana the single ‘Daisies’ on Friday (15/5) (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The american singer Katy Perry published in live, on Instagram, on the last Sunday (10/5), who is going to wool lbum, even at the time of the social. “I’m going to wool-a lbum recorded in this year’s, quarantined, or because the let’s coronavrus do we stop the damage, even if dancemos in one of our houses,” he said in the broadcast.

On earth (12/5), the website Music News & Rumors he has published the lbum, which is named for her #KP5to be rolled on the 26th of June, but the artist is still on the confirmed information from the data

In march, I said that the a lbum to be focused on the health of the mental, and the way to reach real happiness. The magazine Forbes come to the place with the name of the female singer in the list to the user to select the most anticipated for the year 2020.

The new single

J to heat it up to the public to o lanamento do lbum Katy-Perry-will release on Friday (15/5), the first single from the band who that belongs to #KP5the pipe Daisies. The singer took the opportunity to advertise on Instagram, the cover art for the single.