Lady Gaga has made the album as an outlet for my depression: ‘) Dancing to the pain of pass – 16/03/2020


Lady Gaga, rihanna released her new album “Chromatica”, as a “safety valve” for the physical pain of fibromyalgia and depression. In a conversation with the magazine’s Paper, the united states has revealed the process behind the disc, which will be released on the 10th of April, but was postponed because of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

“On some days, I just couldn’t get off the couch, because I was in pain in the body as a whole,” he said. The producer Bloodpop, which she defines as the “center” of the new album, it has helped in those moments, “He said,” Let’s go. We’re going to do it'”.

“I was crying, or desabafando about something that had happened to me, my pain, my depression. I started the day badly, but at the end of it I was dancing and looking at herself in the mirror practicing choreography. The whole day was an experience of enlightening,” he commented as of yet.

Gaga was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the fall of 2017, after years of not understanding why his body hurt so much at the sign of any psychological stress. “A lot of people don’t believe in this illness,” said she. “They call it neuropathic pain. For example, when my brain if you suffer from stress from my body, it hurts.”

The singer is dealing with depression since the age of 19, when she was sexually assaulted by a producer whose name she never revealed. “I have clinical depression. Is there something wrong with my brain, it does not release dopamine and serotonin, in the right way, and sometimes I can’t be happy at all. If someone says to me, ‘just be happy’, I say to them, ‘you will be happy, p*rra'” he said.

However, with the new album, Gaga wants to play a “radical acceptance,” of the circumstances of each individual. “I’m dancing to for the pain to pass. I will do everything I can to bring the world to the dance floor. I want to release an album which will force the people to rejoice, even in the saddest moments”, as defined.

“I’m not saying that everything is fine, or that I am cured. I am not there. It’s a struggle every time. A lot of work every time. I do have bad days and good days,” she said. “If you’re listening to this music, and you’re in pain, you know that I know what it is. And I know how to do it so don’t let your pain stop your life.”

Her believe, that provided the inspiration for the “Chromatica”, in fact, was god. “I opened the gate to other realities, and to hear what God was saying to me,” he said to her, that it was built on the catholic faith.

“For some people, it might be that it sounds quite wacky, but I’ve always known that my talent does not belong to me,” he added. “I seem to recall that when I was a kid, and you could hear the melodies in my head, and I ran to the piano.

In the interview, the singer also revealed that the disc will have a partnership with a large united states without disclosing his or her name. “We sat down and talked about our lives. We were talking about how to move in our lives and be thankful for what we have, even in times of trouble”, he said to Her.