Leonardo DiCaprio still didn’t understand the end of ‘The Source’

This year, the critically acclaimed scifi ‘The Origin Of‘ celebrated 10 years since the launch, and even after so much time on the production keeps on being the target of the thinking and lively discussions.

And participate in the podcast WTF With Marc Maron, Leonardo DiCaprio he revealed that to date “no idea” of what happened at the end of a long one. This was done by an actor to make a reference to the colleague of the cast ofOnce upon A Time…in Hollywood‘, Brad Pittwho has recently said that it has been unable to explain what happened at the end of the ‘Ad Astra’.

In his speech, DiCaprio it was given that I was focusing too much on one of your own:

“You just focus on your character. But generally, I engage with the narrative on a certain level, when it comes to Chris Nolan, in his mind, and how all the pieces eventually come together, all over the world are constantly trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

The winner of the Oscar it also commented on the possibility of the end of your character, and if he did it would have if released, or if it would remain a dream. Your reply is not very satisfactory, and the second DiCaprio, “it depends on the eye of the beholder, I guess“.

Nolan it is back with a brand new design that seems to follow my line in the complex of the ‘The Origin Of‘. ‘Tenet‘ this is a great mystery in the year 2020, bringing it to a narrative trick that has made the fans of the long-in 2010 to find that the latest film could be a sequel or even a prequel of the previous one.

Even the poster for ‘theTenet“it brings an aesthetic very similar to ‘The Origin Of‘.

Check out the trailer:

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Take the time to watch it:

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In addition to the address, Christopher Nolan it is also responsible for the screenplay of the production.

The plot, revealed by the studio’s only release which is an epic, action-engaging the world of international espionage”.

In addition to the John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Michael Cainewho has worked in a number of films from the Nolanincluding all three films from the ‘Dark knight’the cast is made up of Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, And Clemence Poesy and Elizabeth Debicki.

Tenet‘ come to the cinemas on the 23rd of July, in the year 2020.