Nice! Kylie Jenner ignores calls from the mother, Kris, after you have the title of billion dollar pulled out from the Forbes magazine: “I do Not know who to trust,” says the newspaper

One more chapter of this brouhaha! Just last week (march 29), the Acting was shocked when you post an article taking the information from the billion dollar Kylie Jenner, awarded by the journal. In the matter of A Berg, and Chase Peterson-Withorn and accused the manager of having forged tax returns and inflated it to the size and success of their business with the companies, “Kylie’s Crafts ‘ and ‘ Kylie’s Skin”.

Now, according to The Sun, the socialite is furious about the situation, and that includes Kris Jenner, while refusing all calls from his mother. “Kris – that is supposed to receive ten per cent of the agreements and the Case is in a panic”, said a source. “Has no answer to the phone calls from Kris, and does not know who to trust”, he said.

The insider also pointed out that certain fears are of the Superior light of the situation. “Kris is petrified her, that Has to fire her or cut it off [da empresa]then, the voltage levels are higher than ever.”claimed the source. However, according to the magazine Cosmopolitan “Kris and Kylie are most definitely concerned about it, and they are afraid that it might affect the brand for them”.

Kris holds on to the shares of the companies of her daughter, Kylie. (Photo: Getty Images)

Understand the nature of the case:

In a report published on Friday (march 29), the Forbes, has reported that he has had access to a commercial arrangement in which a cosmetics firm Coty has purchased 51% of the Case with Cosmetics. “The files reveal a secret well-kept from the family and The business Case is significantly lower and less cost-effective than the family spent a number of years, making the cosmetic industry, and all media outlets, including cnn, Forbes, believe in.”he said.

Based on this new information, plus the impact of the Covid-19 on the beauty market, and consumer, in the Industry, now believe that Kylie Jenner, despite having a profit of about US$ 340 million (Us$ 1.8 billion after taxes from the sale, it is no longer a billion dollar”said to be the subject.

According to Forbes magazine, said in August 2018 at the latest, that Kylie Jenner was the youngest person ever to become a billion dollar on its own account, the family has provided documents, which show a profit for the years 2016 to 2018, with values ranging from US$ 307 to US$ 360 million per year (about R$ 1.6 to R$ 1.9 billion). However, the files obtained by the Responsible for, the values would be about US$ 125 million (Us$ 667 million) in the year 2018, and US$ 177 million (Us$ 940 million) in 2017. In this way, the publication surmised that the number would be much smaller than that alleged by 2016, when the brand was created.

“Possibly, the company has never been greater to start out with the Jenners, lied about it and all of the years from 2016 – including his accountant draw up the tax returns with fake numbers to increase the estimates of Forbes, in relation to the profits and equity of the Case. While we cannot prove that the documents were fake (although it is possible), it is clear that on the side of the Case I was lying to you”matter.

In the end, the report also stated that, although he has yet to be a billion dollar, Has but it may become one, in spite of it all. “A more realistic feel to his personal wealth puts him at close to US$ 900 million (Us$ 4.7 billion)”he said.

I, the newest member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, has been on Twitter speaking out against the publication. “What I’m seeing, when you wake up. I thought this was a site with a reputation. All I see is a number of statements to be inaccurate and unwarranted assumptions. I’ve never asked you for any information or lied to get us there. EVER. Point is the end”.she said.

She then pointed to a specific part of the story, that it was not based on any official document. “‘Up to creating the financial statements, which were probably forged’. Is that your evidence? So, you just THOUGHT that they were fake? In fact, I’m reading”, put the Case.

The mother-of-Stormi, and then, it has appeared, that I should not be worried about the charges. “But it’s all good. I am blessed beyond my years, I’ve got a lovely daughter, a successful business, and I’m doing pretty good,”she said. She went on to say “I can name a list of 100 of the most important things right now than getting fixated on how much money I have.”

The muse also decided to respond to a fan who didn’t like her standing on the issue. “That’s what you’re worried about right now?”financial crisis of the internet users. “This is literally the LAST thing I’m concerned about at the momentshe said.