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“I can’t breathe”: this phrase will definitely never be the same again. In the past few days, the world is watching the United States go after the hate crimes that killed George’s Career, a black man, asphyxiated to the public during 7 minutes, by a police officer in Minneapolis.

The protests, which have taken over from the North, they were able to cross the border. In fact, it is the crime that has been committed by Derek Chauvin was a big put on, after so many years, by means of the dry situations of racial discrimination and police brutality.

In the United States, a number of artists took to the streets, and they have used all their influence in order to give more visibility to the cause. In Brazil, many of them also don’t left out – and I know you are not supposed to.

But at a certain point, it is important to remember that there are no more places to stay silent faced with this situation, and that is exactly what Felipe was a Grandson he could have been in their social networks, alfinetando Problem.

With more than 138 million followers only on the Instagram, the football player, at no point in time has supported the protests of “Black Lives Matter” and not come to terms with the subject matter. However, it is not to be silenced, He tried to have an indirect (or even direct?) on his Twitter profile.

“The lives of the black mind. But not everyone in the world doesn’t matter,” writes the youtuber to share pictures on social networks of the player. Nice!

See the following:

To the wise, half a word is enough, isn’t it?

“In the famous case of the black millionaire, without a racial consciousness out of sheer ignorance and a denial of one’s own race”.said one user about the absence of Neymar.

In the early morning hours Monday (1), and for the first time in the history of the White House, where the residence of the president Donald Trumphad their lights on, completely dark. The action was taken after the protests threaten the safety and security in Washington, DC.