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After years of negotiations and appeals to the fans of the franchise, Percy Jackson and the Olympians will get a new adaptation. After the two films did not achieve the expectations you want, the story is going to turn into a live action series on the platform-Disney,+) with the support of the author of such a work as this, and Rick Riordan.

In the same way that you, the fans, made a couple of years ago when the first reports of the film were released, the time has come to speculate on which one will be the cast of the new version of the Percy Jackson. As the story has too MANY characters, and we’re going to focus here on the central trio — in addition to some special bonuses. How about you? Tell us who you’d like to see on the show!

Tough test for Percy Jackson

A lot of fans are already debating who should take on the lead role, but some of the issues that need to be addressed. In spite of the names, such as Tom Holland, Noah Centineo, and Timothée Chalamet has been referred to by the public, it is important to remember that the main character was 12 years old when she begins the story in the books. So, to be more faithful to the film, it is possible to wait for a intéprete much younger. Iain Armitage (the Big Little Lies, the Young Sheldon) has appeared on many lists, but also mentioned were the names of Noah Jupe (all year round), Jacob Tremblay (The Fourth Jack), Dylan Kingwell (the Misadventures on the show), and Asher Angel (Shazam!).

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Annabeth Chase, you already have a favorite

A good portion of the crowd is waiting for the actors to unknowns take the lead roles in Percy Jackson, as well as Stranger Things, showed talent for the world. But, if you opt for names that are already known, there is a favorite among the fans: Mckenna Grace (Annabelle Is 3, the Curse of The Residence on the Hill) — who has blonde hair, and piercing eyes, as Annabeth Chase is one of them. Other names that have appeared on the lists were Raegan Revord (Young, Sheldonand Ava Kolker (Girl Meets World).

Grover Underwood is a matter of the extent to which

A few of the changes you have made to the films, which have been adopted by the fans has been the transformation of a Grover Underwood on the one black character in it who was thus the performance of Brandon T. Jackson. Thus, the public is demanding that the situation be the same as in the series of Disney, climbing on someone’s profile, Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things). The names, as the Chosen Collection (It’s a Thing) and Miles Brown (“black-ish”) also have been included in the social network.

The return of the darling

And there are people who want the return of Logan Lerman in the new series. If the actor is no longer old enough to be Percy Jackson, it was enough to take on the role of Poseidon? Many are betting that, yes, it’s still better then the star of the Series has declared to be his support for the new adaptation. Of course, it’s not the only suggestion that came up on the internet for such a role: he is ‘battling’ with Oscar Isaac, Chris Pine, Ewan McGregor, and Misha Collins, for example. At the least, on-line.

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As captain Marvel, is a suggestion for those who know the subject matter

The same vibe is there if I want to return to the Alexandra Daddario in the series, but it seems that it is the role of the Sea already has a housewife at the heart of the material: Brie Larson. Your very own Rick Riordan had already stated publicly that he wanted to see Captain Marvel in the role. The heroine into a goddess, it is a major leap forward!