The former record label of Taylor Swift denies having made the threats to her Music


This is a new phase in the dispute between Swift and the filming of the music industry Scooter Braun.

Please UNDERSTAND: “Taylor Swift and the X-Scooter Braun – Why are you fighting for the rights of the discs, it still leaves the artists angry?

In June last year, the firm of Scott, Ithaca Ventures, he bought a record company, Big Machine, and that they have the rights to the recordings of the first six albums from the Swift.

At the end of the contract, in November, in the year 2018, the artist went to Universal, which released his seventh studio album, “Lover”, and announced publicly that the Big Machine had not allowed her to recover the rights to their recordings.

On Thursday (14) by means of a message posted on the internet, Swift, said that Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, founder of Big Machine, had warned his team that they were not allowed to sing their old songs on tv.

In August, Swift, who began her career as a fine artist in country music, recently announced that it wanted to re-record their songs to take control of one of them, a project which was confirmed on Thursday.

According to her, these threats could keep it out of the show with a mix of her biggest hits at the American Music Awards (AMA), in which case you will receive the award for artist of the decade, on the 24th of November.

It is also prohibited to use the music and movies of old in a documentary on his life produced by Netflix, he said.

On Friday, the Big Machine is classified in the statements of Swift as a “false information”.

“I never said that Taylor couldn’t sing it in LOVE, or banned the documentary from Netflix,” according to a press release published on the website of the company. “In addition, we do not have the right to stop you to sing along with live or any other place.”

The writer said that she must be under contract, “millions of dollars”.

According to the company, the two sides have kept those conversations in the past few months. “We are optimistic about a possible resolution to the past”, he said.

The officers regretted the fact that the singer was in a “fight for your fans in the way that is calculated, which has a significant effect on the safety and security of our employees and their families.”

However, they made a new call for dialogue, while the artist is up to now turned down for a direct conversation, they argue.

After her accusations in public, Taylor Swift has received a wave of support on social media. “Scott and Scooter, do you know what you need to do,” he said of the supermodel, Gigi Hadid Twitter account. “Taylor and her fans, deserve a tribute to their music!!!”.